Bitforex coin pushes the project AIS, 500,000 US dollars for 5 minutes and 51 seconds to buy out

According to the official news of Bitforex, the IIS project, which was launched on August 15th, was sold out after 5 minutes and 51 seconds. It is reported that the amount of the purchase is 500,000 US dollars, more than 4,000 users participated in the snapping up, and the number of successful bidders is only 827. The reason for the hot purchase is because the AIS project is the only eco-economic certificate issued by the Mongolian Compliance Exchange AIS-X, and the AIS-X Ecology includes four sections: trading, mining, resource exploitation, and AI Coincierge service system; At the same time, it has reached a commercial subordination with the National Bank of Mongolia (NI Bank), which can realize the exchange of digital currency and legal currency; and the bank cooperates with the AIS-X exchange to open an account. The snap-up fully demonstrates the user's high expectation that AIS will be a currency token that combines trading ecology with physical landing.