Yang Wang: Blockchain and other technologies are conducive to the development of smart aged services

On August 16, Yang Wang, a senior researcher at the Institute of Financial Science and Technology of Renmin University of China, and a researcher at the International Monetary Research Institute, pointed out that the traditional old-age care model is facing the bottleneck of providing real-time, efficient and intelligent services. Wisdom pension has become the mainstream trend of the development of the pension industry. Domestic smart aged care services are also exploring and developing. Internet, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies all contribute to the development of old-age services. For example, in the smart old-age platform being developed by Henan Zhumadian, the old-age service and blockchain technology are combined to realize the integration of the value chain of the old-age industry. He also pointed out that blockchain technology is also conducive to the establishment of a point management center centered on the needs of the elderly, and the elderly and their families and the elderly service providers can participate.