Suspected fire currency user information is being sold on the dark network, and the fire currency responded that “only a very small number of numbers are associated with the fire currency account”

According to The Block news, people familiar with the matter said that some hackers are selling fire currency user information on the dark market. The information includes phone numbers and text messages, and the price is $0.3. The seller who claimed to be a hacker said that "the information is absolutely true." In addition to fire coins, hackers also claim to have user information on other exchanges such as BIKI, Hetbi, and ZDCoin. In this regard, Rosin Marketing Director Ross Zhang responded: "At least one advertisement does not actually sell user data from Firecoin. After comparing it with its own database, Firecoal found that there are only a very small number of telephone numbers and fire coins. The account is associated with '. We suspect that the hacker used the name of the fire coin for his commercial benefit." A fire coin spokesperson said that these phone numbers may not be collected by direct intrusion into the coin platform, but by a third party. Information provider hijacking, which explains why some data contains the content of the verification information sent by the fire coin to the user.