French cryptography expert: blockchain voting system to be used for Moscow municipal elections is not safe

According to Coindesk, a French cryptographer's research report shows that a blockchain voting system used in Moscow's autumn municipal elections is vulnerable to hacking. Pierrick Gaudry, a researcher at the French government research institute CNRS, studied the public code of this e-voting platform based on Ethereum in his paper. Gaudry concluded that the encryption scheme used by some of the code is "completely unsafe," he explained. "With a standard PC, you can crack it with only about 20 minutes of open free software. More precisely, you can Calculate the private key from the public key. Once you know this, any encrypted data can be decrypted as soon as it is created.” It should be noted that this issue has nothing to do with Ethereum. Researchers say the encryption technology used in the system is a variant of ElGamal, and the key used is "less than 256 bits long. This is too short to guarantee any security."