Tsinghua University Internet Industry Research Institute released "Copyright + Blockchain Technology Application Development Report"

On August 16, 2019, the Internet Industry Research Institute of Tsinghua University held the Copyright + Blockchain Technology Theme Salon and released the "Copyright + Blockchain Technology Application Development Report". The report was jointly released by the Internet Research Institute of Tsinghua University, the Zhongguancun Blockchain Industry Alliance, and the Capital Copyright Alliance. The report pointed out that the copyright industry is the earliest attempt to try and land the blockchain technology, and it is also in line with the spirit of the non-coin blockchain advocated by the state. However, there are still certain problems, such as a single application scope, a low degree of integration with the existing copyright industry, a business model has not been established, and difficulties in profitability. The report pointed out that in the future, the application of blockchain technology to the development of copyright protection must be deeply integrated with the copyright industry, with the help of government departments, judicial departments, industry associations and enterprises to build an ecosystem. It also proposes to explore the in-depth integration of the copyright industry and blockchain technology, relying on universities, research institutions and independent innovation platforms for enterprises to solve the problem of copyright + blockchain technology application problems through key technologies of key commonalities.