Inventory: 28 “blockchain scams” ​​we experienced in 2019

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On August 13, according to Pudong Internet Police WeChat public account, the virtual pet "bit pig" platform claiming to adopt blockchain technology has been investigated by the police; on August 12, according to the public number information of the Qingshen County Public Security Bureau of Sichuan Province The main person in charge of the BHB project in the name of the blockchain has been criminally detained by the Public Security Bureau.

Mutual chain pulse observation, a series of "blockchain scam" projects have been announced by the court and investigated by the police.

But at the same time, new projects have been launched, attracting new investors to fall into the trap. Even though the blockchain market experienced a long-term struggle to “destroy the truth” in 2018, it has not yet got rid of the shadow of “blockchain scam” in 2019.

Inter-Chain Pulses conducted statistics on 28 “blockchain scams” ​​projects with new developments in 2019, and further analysis of several major types of projects.

Blockchain pet game "grinding a knife to a pig"

At 12 o'clock in 2018, the inter-chain pulse statistics of 125 MLM currencies and their fields, which directly indicated that the project of the currency accounted for 52%, the financial management accounted for 24%, and the social game category only accounted for 6%. However, in 2019, through the blockchain game outerwear, the project of fund-based and pyramid schemes is not rare, especially blockchain pet games.

On August 2nd, the Blockchain pet game project Huadeng Block Dog announced to its millions of audiences that due to the turmoil in Hong Kong, the customer service work could not be carried out normally. During the team's move to Malaysia, the APP will be suspended. All activities will be reopened until the 16th. This announcement seems to be a precursor to the collapse of the project. Later, the "Hua Deng Block Dog" was on the Weibo hot search list, and many investors said that the money invested has not been recovered.

Walden Block Dog Announcement

According to the public number of Foshan's new affairs, some insiders said that the platform spent 23 billion yuan to run, but the figure has not been confirmed.

Just before the Huadeng block dog, the same project used the same routine.

At the beginning of July this year, Bit Pig released a system maintenance upgrade announcement. At the end of July, the platform was unable to log in and it was suspected of collapse. Recently, Jiangsu TV station exposed the "bit pig" fraud, the trader used the blockchain technology of the virtual pet bit pig, claiming that the pig was acquired by the platform 15 days later, with 28% of the proceeds. According to the Pudong network police WeChat public on August 13, the platform has been investigated by the police.

In the case of the previous car, there is still a new disk, and newcomers are involved in the "gambling bureau."

The "Bit Dog" blockchain entertainment pet platform claims to be a blockchain entertainment pet platform jointly developed by the "Dogcoin" development team and the game development company and the US Bitdog Games Foundation. It is said that the experience version will go online from the beginning of June to the end of June, and the number of participants will exceed 20,000, adding more than 2,000 people every day.

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Similar blockchain pet games that are suspected of pyramid schemes and frauds, in the meantime, are not without reason. As early as November 2017, Ethereum launched the first blockchain pet game CryptoKitties, and in the following 2018, the domestic Internet giants also launched their own blockchain pet game products, but did not bring Very good results.

After that, following the model of Ethereum and the domestic big factory, the projects of pyramid schemes and frauds began to be planned, and eventually broke out in 2019.

Mutual chain pulse summary, the characteristics of this blockchain pet game project suspected of pyramid schemes and fraud:

First, most projects require users to pay an “entry fee”. For example, the bitch platform requires participants to be recommended as members, and if they want to mine, they must pay 99 yuan to adopt a bitch and buy a package to feed the bitch.

Secondly, the project has the characteristics of a typical MLM “pull head”, and users need to gain revenue through the development of the downline. For example, block dogs and bit dogs encourage users to develop other people. The bitch dog members are able to obtain 50% to 20% of the 2nd to 8th generation off-line mining revenues. This form is fully compliant with the characteristics of pyramid schemes.

Finally, the final "alarm bell" will be left before the project crashes and runs, such as platform upgrade announcements.

Old dealers who are returning to the old industry

Mutual chain pulse observation, most of the scams that claim to use blockchain technology are only by the name of the blockchain. In fact, it relies on the pyramid scheme of "old distributors." Part of the blockchain pyramid scheme is dominated by pyramid sellers in the “transformation” blockchain of other industries, and part of it is dominated by pyramid sellers in the “deep farming” blockchain field.

Among them, the representative of continuous “transformation” is the BCHC project. The main body of the project is Zhongtian Shengxiang Technology Co., Ltd., registered in August 2018, and launched blockchain products in early 2019. The inter-chain pulse was searched by the company. The legal person of Zhongtian Shengxiang Technology Co., Ltd. was Nannan. He was also a director of Gaiwang (Shanghai) Financial Information Service Co., Ltd., and Gaiwang had previously been investigated for suspected pyramid schemes.

Source: Enterprise

For the MLM's pyramid scheme, "Southern Weekend" has been reported, and soon after the report was published, the cover network was investigated and dealt with by various operating agencies across the country. Since then, there have been media outbreaks, and the original team of the original network has continued to operate in the name of “壹健哥”.

The core members of the BCHC project are basically overlapping with Gaiwang and Qijian, and there are similarities in propaganda routines and business models. BCHC's team relies on a set of models, using the status of O2O, Internet +, sharing economy, and blockchain technology to take advantage of the name of Gaiwang, Qijiange, and Zhongtian Shengxiang.

Mutual chain pulse observation, although the project has been disclosed by many media, it is still in an early warning state.

As often as the BCHC project, the “transformation” project is to switch identities, and the blockchain scam in the “deep farming” blockchain field often replaces the “vest”.

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The YouBank platform is also a project launched in January this year. The model is that the user deposits a value of 510 dollars in the YouBank platform, and can get 6% to 20% interest every month. If the development of others joins and there are fourteen generations of income, the more development, the more the income.

Earlier, there were media reports that the YouBank exchange was renamed by the KinMall exchange. And KinMall and the earlier WnShare (Vientiane) are a wave of people in the trade. The dominant person behind the scenes is Wang Jin and Yu Lingxiong, the "coin worm".

The media scam reporter visited his company on August 7th. A male employee said that the relevant government departments have already stepped in and the treatment plan has been clarified. Later, it will be released on the official website and other public channels. It is estimated that the program will be around 15 days. It can be fixed, and the specific content is determined by the top management. The project is currently in an early warning state.

MLM currency celebrities: Please call me by your name

There is no shortage of MLM players in the currency circle, and there is no shortage of propaganda. It is a routine to pull the stars and the platform.

The BHB project, which was released in December last year, once asked Feng Jie (Luo Yufeng) to publicize on Weibo several times and to draw up the celebrity celebrity Chen Anzhi as its platform.

Luo Yufeng publicity BHB project screenshot

The BHB project claims that the BHB financial security blockchain platform is based on the openness and irreversibility of blockchain technology, creating a new P2P transaction and pan-financial industry information security monitoring system and trading platform. In fact, the project of using the name of the currency circle to carry out pyramid schemes for fund-raising funds has collapsed at the beginning of this year.

According to the WeChat public account of the Qingshen County Public Security Bureau on August 12, the main person in charge of BHB has been criminally detained by the Qingshen County Public Security Bureau of Sichuan Province, and the case is being further investigated. At the same time, it is understood that the person in charge of the project not only used the issue of BHB to swindle money, but also operated four virtual currency funds called spinach, quantification, sword fund and small secret ring futures.

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In addition to directly celebrity platform, the reputation of well-known projects seems to be more cost-effective trading, the wave field super community is a typical example.

At the end of June, at the same time as the “Tokens of the First Fund of the Currency” PlusToken ran away, the Wave Field Super Community APP was closed and it was suspected of running. The wave field super community claims to be a project by uTorrent, claiming that uTorrent is one of the 27 super representatives of the wave field and needs to use its channels and models to attract fans. The project attracts users with the reputation of the wave field.

During this period, many users asked the founder of the wave field, Sun Yuchen, the relationship between the wave field super community and the wave field, but did not get a positive response.

After the collapse of the project, it was the investors who had made a lot of noise in the previous period, saying that they chose to commit suicide and continued to ferment the incident. Later, Sun Yuchen posted a microblog on Weibo warning the risk of funds, but it attracted the buzz of users. According to the understanding of the inter-chain pulse, the project party has not yet been captured.

In addition, there is an EOS ecosystem that pretends to be an EOS super node; by Cui Meng, the founder of ACHAIN, the founder and chairman of HAC China's top sports car club, Fu Yiyang, AG Asia Travel Group Macau Director Zhou Tianyuan and others The name of the hero chain and so on.

Blockchain scam remediation will be a "protracted war"

The owed account will be paid sooner or later.

Mutual chain pulse observation, several of the projects suspected of pyramid schemes and fund trays mentioned above have been arrested, and the case has been investigated.

Tabulation: Mutual Chain Pulse Chart Part of the information for the project side to promote content

Mutual chain pulse counts 28 “blockchain scam” projects with new developments in 2019. Among them, the projects are concentrated in the form of mall mode, mining mode, financial management, and game betting. In the whole project, 14 projects have been filed and cracked by the police and sentenced by the court; 7 of the remaining half of the projects have been run, and 7 have been exposed by the media many times and are in an early warning state.

Tabulation: Mutual Chain Pulse Chart Part of the information for the project side to promote content

Since 2019, criminal activities in the name of “blockchain” have been intensified throughout the country. On February 7 this year, the Supreme People's Court stated that the illegal fund-raising to virtual currency and other changes will further increase the crackdown; on February 20, the Deputy Minister of Public Security said: It will increase efforts to crack down on illegal fund-raising crimes such as virtual currency; In April, the China Insurance Regulatory Commission said it would conduct a three-month illegal fundraising investigation involving virtual currency.

Under the leadership of the Central Ministries, all localities have also promoted the suppression of illegal fund-raising activities under the banner of “blockchain” and “virtual currency”.

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In January, Xuzhou Pei County police issued a document saying that it will fully carry out a special campaign against new types of network pyramid schemes such as “virtual currency”; in February, the Hebei Provincial Public Security Bureau said it would focus on cracking down on online pyramid schemes such as “virtual currency”.

In May, the Jiaxing Public Security Bureau of Zhejiang held a press conference to crack down on and prevent special-related economic crimes. The meeting mentioned that it will focus on combating all kinds of economic crimes such as online pyramid schemes with the "virtual currency" scorpion; Yantai City, Shandong Province, organized a three-month investigation and rectification campaign to rectify the "blockchain" Such as nominal illegal fundraising.

On June 13, Beijing launched a special rectification campaign against the "blockchain" and "virtual currency", suspected of illegal fund-raising activities; on June 26th, the Beijing-Tianjin-Liaoyang public security organs will carry out special operations. Focus on investigating and preventing network marketing and marketing under the guise of “virtual currency”.

In July, the Anhui Provincial Committee of Politics and Law, the Anhui Provincial Market Supervision Administration, and the Anhui Provincial Public Security Bureau jointly issued a notice, deciding to launch the "Sword–2019" joint crackdown on pyramid sales from now until December 10 this year, focusing on combating virtual MLM and other network pyramid schemes.

However, despite the government's actions keep on catching up, the scams in the name of "blockchain" are still emerging. At present, most local governments have listed the rectification of “blockchain scams” ​​as a category against pyramid schemes, and compared with traditional pyramid schemes, the investigation and prevention of cybercrime in the form of “blockchain”. More difficult. With the blockchain and bitcoin being further recognized by the public, it has gradually become recognized by the public, and criminal acts under its name will also emerge. Therefore, the future action against the "blockchain scam" may also be a "protracted war."

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