Market Analysis: Bitcoin rebound is weak, pay attention to control risk

The hard part of trading is that it is a "closed loop." No matter how good you are in other places, as long as you don't do anything in the middle, you will never be able to achieve long-term stable profitability. It's like a piece of clothing, cloth, tailoring, routing, and accessories. If you break a hole, it is a defective product. This is contrary to human nature. People have shortcomings and nothing, do not affect his excellence and achievements, and the transaction is not good. It is very uncomfortable, but there is no way to use it to avoid the shortcomings.

Another difficulty in trading is that all your strategies can only clarify the basic actions. In actual combat, there are often many external factors superimposed, and there are few completely standard scenarios. Just like shooting, the most basic action is to "jump up, stretch the arm and press the ball to the ball", but in the actual combat, various defensive and cover, forcing you to lean back, pull the bar and so on. In the midst of disturbances, it is the foundation of the things that can hold on to the essence and the movements of the hands are not deformed.


BTC closed the long shadow line for two consecutive days, the transaction volume was slightly enlarged compared with the previous one, and the closing always stayed above the $10,000 mark. Now it is a triangular structure, and then it will face the competition of 5 antennas. If you can successfully stand on 5 antennas and 5 antennas turn up to the golden cross 10 antennas, then the target will test the pressure of 11,000 US dollars. Whether you can break through the point depends on whether the next volume is matched. Before we compare On July 2nd, the single-needle bottom was a bit like a sword. The current trend is not the same. The current set is obviously much larger than before. I personally think that the highest point of this round of rebound is around $11,000. The possibility of going up is relatively small, and the killing is not over. It is not recommended to go to the bottom and control the risk.


ETH has not been able to recover the previous low point for three consecutive days. The probability of continuing to run down is still relatively large. The trend is much weaker than BTC. The longer the sideways time, the more disadvantageous it is for the bulls. If you can successfully return to $200. Integer mark, may challenge the pressure of 235 dollars upwards, we believe that the current risk of the target is still relatively large, do not blindly bottom, it is recommended to watch carefully.


BCH is still running in the channel, there is no directional choice, and it will not fall below the uptrend line in the next few days. If it does not fall below the uptrend line, it may challenge 120 antennas in the second direction, and Going up this time, I think the probability of standing up is relatively large. If you break through the 120-antenna or you can challenge the high position, if you fall below the uptrend line again, you should resolutely leave.


BNB fell below the triangle and has not formed a counter-package. It is doing a sideways volatility underneath. There is no obvious sign of the volume increase. The combination of the K-line is good for the bears. I personally think that the decline of the target has not been completed and will continue to test downward. The support of 24 dollars, and the target may continue to go out of the new low, pay attention to risk.

The author's point of view is only used for learning communication, not as an investment recommendation, and does not constitute an investment basis!