On August 17th, the market analysis of Bitcoin continued to fluctuate, and the fixed-point investment strategy remained unchanged.

[No. 127] Foreword:
Yesterday reminded the rebound market, the space did not open, the rebound is not strong, most of the currencies are still around the key position in the game, the risk of falling back is still increasing, then today's continued counterattack, there was a shock in the intraday The action of shrinking, the whole day is still dominated by shorts, and the long-term heavy volume of multiple rounds of concentrated time can not be broken, so the weight of the shorts continues today, but it has not yet reached the time of killing.

News side:

1.Bakkt plans to launch a physical settlement of the Bitcoin futures contract on September 23. Subsequently, Bakkt CEO Kelly Loeffler said in an interview that the Bitcoin futures contract launched next month will provide margin trading.

2. Firecoin Qiye issued a statement saying that the fire currency will fully pay for the loss of user assets generated during the opening of the Prime 5 project.

3. Tencent Security Yushen Threat Intelligence Center issued a document saying that the ransomware virus exploits the high-risk vulnerability of Flash to hack the horse, and the poisoned users will be extorted by Bitcoin.

4. The new version of Ethereum's smart contract programming language, Solidity 0.5.11, has been released.


Bitcoin is currently playing around the 10,400 mark. The short-term level of the intraday volatility has been swaying. After yesterday’s bottoming of another 9768, the market quickly counterattacked, returning to the top of 10,000, and attacking at night, but never able to embark on the 10,500 mark. Then, in the daily line, the structure of the shoulders on the K-line form is still effective, and there is no direct break. The trend of the mid-line pressure drop still exists, and this round of counter-attacks is at the 10500 mark. In the small level, there is another meaning of going out of the shoulders. This creates a double pressure on the size and level. In addition, the counter-attacks are not broken for three consecutive days. The intraday moving averages and other indicators are not flat, especially the 7-day moving average is still Downstream, MACD dead fork, the short amount can continue to increase in small amount, which means that the current shock market is not a reversal basis, as long as the pressure is not above the 10500, the market will continue to retrace, once again bottom, until the disk In the middle of the double-bottom structure, there is hope for flipping. Therefore, today's turbulent market is not breaking the 10,000 mark, but it can be around the high altitude of 10,000-10,500, while focusing on empty orders at the same time. In terms of spot, continue to keep the order and wait for the low stakes.

Ether's current intraday situation applies a sentence from yesterday's article, that is, all the grass and the soldiers, in the middle of the daily line, the price around the 240 moving average game, the position has been continuous game for three days, two consecutive days of pin break, support in a gradual When the consumption is exhausted, why is it that the support is consumed, not the bottom of the casting? The reason is very simple. At the same time, the intraday trading in the small-level range is oscillating, and a certain triangle is out of the big level, and the shock is converged while continuing to move up and down. Interval, the low position is looking higher, but the year-on-year high is also shifting downwards. In particular, the price continues to oscillate around the low level. Under the long-term heavy volume of the continuous concentration period, there is no successful break. In addition, the current intraday index is more than the same. It is a downward trend. Among the moving averages, the 7-day moving average is directly underneath. In the MACD, the dead fork just appeared, and the shorts gradually increased. All this shows that there is still room for further retracement in this market, and the 240-day moving average cannot be directly supported for a long time. Therefore, today, the contract idea continues to remain unchanged. The previously mentioned empty orders continue to be held, and there is a counterattack high to continue to fill the gap. The same reason for the spot, do not hurry to enter the market, wait patiently.


Right now, Ruibo is in the daily line. The physical K line swims directly under the Bollinger Band and is under the pressure of all the moving averages. There is not much to say in the disk, and the plain short list, MACD also The year-on-year death fork appears and operates downwards, and the short-selling capacity can be stepped up. This all means that the market is in a short-selling trend. It is absolutely empty, but the intraday indicator pulls and moves below the indicator. The whole market is not a big bear market, and there will definitely be a wave of index corrections. Therefore, today’s ideas continue to remain unchanged, while the chain is lightened to reduce the position and prevent the indicator from rebounding. Once the rebound is high and decisive, if there is no index rebound in the intraday, then the round will become a bear market. Pioneer, can be chased into the air with appropriateness. On the spot side, you can start a small warehouse to pick up a point, or wait until the price continues to fall back below 0.25 to start entering.

The spicy strip is linked to the two days to emphasize that 74 will determine whether the hot summer will become the vanguard of this little bear market. It will still break for several consecutive days and quickly counterattack back to the position of 74. Currently, it continues to play around 74. Too many to say, at present, the 74 position is difficult to maintain, the only point is that the off-court is good to start to play the demon, so patience, high position, no high position, no hurry to chase the price Field, waiting for the 74 to break the position and not to enter. The spot is even less anxious, and wait patiently.


The idea of ​​Prince Edward has not changed, mainly at high altitude, and today, through the daily chart, the Prince has shown a stronger trend of shorts in the mainstream currency. Whether it is the dead fork or the short amount that has just formed, it can just be heavy. Or the short-term arrangement of the moving average and the remaining indicators, the surface of the prince is very likely to directly lead the decline, then, the Prince in the rest of the currency down, shock and fall, not to mention, there is a counter-market, this For the big environment that is now out of the callback trend, it is an absolute pressure, so today the Prince does not say too much. If there is a high point above 310, you can follow up with the empty order. In terms of spot, you will not enter the market and wait for this round of space to open for consideration.

While the K-line trend in the grapefruit plate is similar to that of the Prince, the physical K-line operation is similar to that of Ruibo. It is basically in the market of extremely short, small shocks, but continues to walk under the Bollinger Band. There will inevitably be a wave of indicative corrections in the market. Therefore, for the grapefruit, while continuing to treat the short, and consistent with Ruibo, keep the light warehouse, be alert to the correction of the market, once it appears, you can fill the gap with the high position, flexible operation. In terms of spot, etc., this price is not suitable now, and I will consider it when I am near the 3 knives.

Market summary: Yesterday reminded the rally market, the space did not open, the rebound is not strong, most of the currencies are still around the key position in the game, the risk of falling back is still increasing, then the counterattack continues today, intraday There has been a shocking and shrinking action. The whole day is still dominated by short positions. The long-term heavy volume of multiple rounds of concentrated time cannot be broken. Therefore, the weight of the shorts will continue today, but it has not yet reached the time of killing.