Opinion: The launch of Binance.US may revive some of the altcoin market

According to Ethereum World News, the market value of Bitcoin has recently hit a new high in two years, as the altcoin has failed to keep pace with Bitcoin. As of press time, bitcoin dominated by 69.1%, which is very different from the 32% of the 2018 acrobatic fanaticism. At that time, Ethereum reached $1,500 and XRP reached $3. However, with the launch of Binance.US, altcoins or at least part of such cryptocurrencies may soon recover. US dollar security users will soon be unable to use Binance.com. Users of the platform seem to have been selling altcoins and turning to bitcoin. On June 14, Coin announced that it would stop providing services to US users on Binance.com in September, and the upward trend of bitcoin dominance began to accelerate significantly.