Report: XRP's speculation is much higher than other mainstream currencies; excessively speculative intermediate currency trading volume and GitHub activity is extremely low

The recently studied the degree of hype in cryptocurrency projects in Twitter and created a Hype-to Activity Ratio that measures the amount of tweets per $1 million in transactions per currency. . The main points of the report are as follows: 1. After investigating 450 cryptocurrencies, the average speculation activity ratio of these currencies is 1.02. 2. The ratio of the top 5 currencies in the market is relatively consistent, but the XRP's speculation activity ratio It is 4.07, much higher than other currencies. 3. The currencies with the lowest value of hype active indicators are Tether, EOS, ETC, Cosmos and NEO. 4. However, compared to other intermediate currencies, XRP's speculation activity index is small, TokenPay recorded the highest speculation activity ratio of 911.1. 5. Other over-hyped currencies include Electronuem, DragonChain, TelCoin, and DigiByte. The volume of transactions in this currency and the GitHub activity are very low, but the amount of related tweets is “highly amazing”.