Report: In the first half of this year, the spot return rate of Bitcoin was nearly 100% higher than the Vision Hill encryption fund composite index.

According to The Block, digital asset management company Vision Hill Group released the second quarter of 2019 encrypted hedge fund return report. The main points of the report are as follows: 1. In terms of absolute value, Q2 in 2019 is a bright spot for the encryption fund, because this quarter is the best quarter since the launch of the crypto fund composite index; 2. However, in the first half of this year, the bit The direct return on currency spot is nearly 100% higher than the Vision Hill Cryptographic Fund Composite Index and nearly 70% higher than the Bitwise 10 Large Cap Index. 3. If the full year performance of 2018 is included, the performance of all indices actually Both are better than BTC's rate of return. Since January last year, the return rate of the quantitative strategy has been close to 50% (BTC's absolute excess return rate is +70%); 4. In the second quarter of this year, basic strategy and opportunity strategy The median rate of return is around 50%, with 25% of the base funds achieving a return of over 80% (integrated high) during the quarter.