New Zealand cryptocurrency expert: Do not recommend anyone to pay the full salary in cryptocurrency

According to 1 Newsnow, the New Zealand Inland Revenue Department recently issued a ruling telling employers how to legally pay employees' wages in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. From September 1st, the wages paid by the cryptocurrency will be taxed like any other currency. There will be strict rules, and different types of cryptocurrencies will be taxed differently. Employers must also pay their employees on a regular basis and must be able to convert directly into government-issued currencies, such as the New Zealand dollar. Despite the question of how popular this payment method is, experts say they can understand this attraction. Alex Sims of the University of Auckland is an expert in cryptocurrency. She said that traditional currencies like the New Zealand dollar or the Australian dollar may cause trouble for overseas people. "But if you have cryptocurrencies, you can pay in a matter of seconds or minutes." There are also warnings about cryptocurrency wages because there are some fluctuations in the market. She said, "I would not recommend anyone to pay the full salary in cryptocurrency." It is reported that the New Zealand Revenue Agency will reassess its ruling after three years.