Turkish NGO TISVA plans to provide microfinance through blockchain

According to AA, Aziz Akgul, head of the Turkish NGO Waste Reduction Foundation (TISVA), said the foundation will use blockchain technology to enable entrepreneurs to receive funding from social investors around the world. Akgul said that blockchain-based microfinance is not only inevitable for Turkey's future, but for the entire world. “We hope to provide microfinance to 3.5 million people in Turkey by using cryptocurrency and e-markets by 2030.” TISVA oversees TGMP, and the agency’s main goal is to solve the global microfinance community’s search for funds for the poor. Source problem. TGMP is a non-profit economic foundation that provides microfinance services. Under the project, 300 million tokens of MicroCreditCoin (MCC Token) and mobile wallets have been produced using Ethereum blockchain technology.