Although XRP continues to fall, 83% of Coinbase XRP customers are still buying

According to Zycrypto, Coinbase data shows that most investors who hold large amounts of BTC and XRP (top 10%) continue to buy. In the past day, 71% of Bitcoin holders have continued to purchase under high volatility. This figure reached 83% among XRP investors. There are two situations: 1. If the whale buys at a low interest rate based on the outlook for the future, the price of the digital asset will start to rise; 2. If the investor buys the token before the upcoming sell-off, the price of the digital asset will Continue to fall. However, XRP trading volume is almost split between August 15 and 16 (from $2.1 billion to $1.1 billion), so the purchase of tokens is not large. Despite this, these figures fell by about 25% in December last year before the sell-off. Therefore, there is still a possibility of reversal. However, the bearish trend line and indicators formed on the chart for three months show that the XRP will fall further.