Analyst: Bitcoin is likely to break through $13,000 by the end of 2019

According to Zycrypto, Bitcoin has fallen to around $9,000 since its annual high of $13,000. Some people think it is a chance to buy again. Although some people still expect Bitcoin to fall to $8,000, cryptocurrency analyst and trader Josh Rager said it was an unrealistic dream, even if it was purchased for $11,000, it would not be a loss, as it might be before the close of 2019. Set a new annual high. According to a recent poll by Weiss Crypto Ratings, although most people are waiting to buy Bitcoin that falls to $10,000, a significant number of people want to buy at $8,000, and a large number of people expect to fall before buying. Breaking $5,000. But Rager has repeatedly said that this is unlikely to happen. Those who are expected to fall below $8,000 will be disappointed, and their only chance is to buy in a 30% correction, which is the first time Bitcoin has fallen below $9,000 since the annual high. Two days ago, another four-digit opportunity still existed, but as bitcoin prices were much higher than $10,000, it could be getting higher and higher, not lower and lower, and the opportunity may have ended. After Bakkt’s announcement in September, Bitcoin rose more than $500 in an hour. This may refer to the impact that actual launches may have on asset prices. If this trend continues, Bitcoin is unlikely to fall below $8,000 or lower this year, and this possibility is even smaller next year.