These five will soon be airborne TOP50 valuation "big chunks", is the scorpion is a horse? Pull out

Original: Five fireball masters

"Teacher, World of Warcraft wants to open a nostalgic service! Do you know?" The soldiers rushed to find me.

"Know, I miss the age of 45, which can only be upgraded a few times a day…" I fell into the first batch of beta players more than 10 years ago, and came into contact with this epoch-making game.

"Yeah, the current version, the highest level is 120, and soon from 0 to 110, the installation files are getting bigger and bigger, from the first few G, to now close to hundreds of G… ”

"The blockchain is still not the same? Think about the crowdfunding of Ethereum in the past, only 18 million US dollars, now the star point project, the market value of several hundred million, even dozens of billions, really is…" I shook my head.

"Algorand is not the case, the result is that you look down on the miserable!" The soldiers were filled with indignation, and at first glance they went to pick up the disk and then lost it.

"After Algorand, there are a few giants coming soon." I smiled. After all, the world of blockchain, the most important thing is the pick-up man…

——-Dividing line——-

In 2019, more and more large- cap value projects have entered people's sights, and it has been proved from the side that there will be more and more projects led by institutions and regular military. The retailer's primary market can get on the train and eat meat. The less you come.

These large-capacity projects often have a star-like team, a platform for cattle X, a luxury investment institution… financing is tens of millions of dollars, and hundreds of millions are not unusual. The market value is hundreds of millions or even billions of births. Such a currency is often referred to as the "big white horse."

It is generally believed that the "Great White Horse" project will not be too profitable because its market value is large enough, but because of its halo effect, it is difficult to lose money. For example, 17 years of EOS , no matter how you buy it, 18 years will give you The opportunity to solve the problem.

However, the recent two "big white horses" are the forefront of the horse… One is the second round of financing of 60 million US dollars, the total circulation of the total market value of 1 billion US dollars Thunder Token, has fallen 95%, leaving only 50 million.

Then there is Algorand Aragon , which was not able to get through the previous period. The market value of the entire circulation of 24 billion US dollars is almost equal to Ethereum . Now it is down by two-thirds. The market value of the whole circulation is still 8 billion US dollars. What will happen later? I want to…

Of course, you may say that it is calculated according to the current circulation. Hey, you may be able to make a newcomer in the 17th year. The old users who are staying in the field are all very good. They will silently calculate the total market value of the whole circulation. Otherwise, Algorand slipped from around $3 to around $0.50. Do you think it was just a coincidence?

In the coming months, there will be several “big monsters” coming into our field of vision – they are:

1.Nervos 2.Polkadot 3.Hash Figure 4.TON 5.Dfinity

The market value is from small to large:

01 Nervos – Initial total market capitalization estimate: $300 million

From the perspective of team lineup, investment institutions, and white paper design, Nervos is indeed worthy of this title.

Nervos has two major innovations:

The first is the architecture level: storage and computing tiering:

Layer 1's CK Byte represents the Cell ( Universal Version of UTXO ) space, where users can include arbitrary state, including storage assets, DApp status, or other types of data, not just transaction data.

Layer 2 is the main performance, only the most important data is written to the CKB of Layer 1. If Layer 2's App Chain has a dispute or a node is doing evil, such as double-flowering , wrong transaction packaging, etc., the first layer of Nervos CKB will assume the role of the final arbitrator.

Second, the economic model

Additional issuance through basic issuance (33.6 billion) and secondary issuance (1.344 billion per year). Among them, the basic issuance is similar to Bitcoin, with a total cap of 33.6 billion, which is halved every four years until all the excavations are made. The basic rewards are all paid to the miners; the secondary issuance will be fixed at a fixed amount of 1.344 billion per year. , forever.

At the same time, a Nervos DAO was introduced to allow Holder to reduce the pressure on the additional issuance.

For more details on Nervos, see the article " Nervos Praised by Bloomberg " before the vernacular blockchain .

02 Polkadot – Initial total market capitalization estimate: $1.5 billion

There are already too many articles about Boka, and many articles have been written before the vernacular . I don't believe that there are readers who don't know about this project… "The king of cross-chain ", "China Telecom in the blockchain", "Web 3.0 The opener "created a new man's work for Ethereum", "chain innovators"… too many labels and auras, and the initial total market value of this star project, based on the current $150 futures price, reached The huge $1.5 billion.

Say something that you may not know or are interested in, that is, the parallel chain slot auction of Boca.

As we all know, Boca began to have only a dozen or twenty parallel chain slots, so each of them will have a large number of projects "competitively on the job", but the cost of the winner may be very high, it is estimated that at least tens of thousands of DOT.

The current mechanism is to auction once every two weeks, bidding for 4 parallel chain slots, each slot has a validity period of 6 months to 2 years, and the highest shooter in the auction wins the slot.

This brings up a problem: maybe a project with great potential and value, because of poverty, there is not enough DOT on hand, so I can't get the slot, what should I do?

Now a new solution has been introduced: called parallel chain crowdfunding! PAO? (Parachain Airdrop Offer?)

The solution is this. Investors use DOT to give those “poor and potential” project parties. If they successfully bid, they will return to DOT after the slot validity period expires. Therefore, for investors, the currency standard is guaranteed, while the project party Rewarders need to be rewarded or rewarded, such as airdrop tokens.

03 Hash Chart – Initial Total Market Value Estimate: $6 Billion

In the last few months of last year, DAG (the directed acyclic chart) was very hot, and the big brother was the Feel of the Blockchain 3.0 project.

Then one year passed, and the dust returned to the dust.

Look at the current state of DAG Three Musketeers – IOTA, ByteBall, Nano, you know that DAG is currently the famous "Cool" for you.

How much did the Hashtu melt last year? One round is one hundred million dollars, how many tokens are issued? 1.66%……

That is to say, the total amount of coins is counted, and the valuation of the hash map reaches 6 billion US dollars…

I haven’t heard from them for more than a year, so what are the teams doing this year?

Selling things!

Ok, kidding, people are continuing to develop in addition to selling things, and the team is doing things!

No, recently, IBM and Tata Communications have also formally joined the Hedera Council, which consists of as many as 39 multinational entities from different industries to ensure the decentralization of the next generation of distributed ledger technology (DLT) platforms. And responsible governance.

If you wonder why there is such a council? Don't be too surprised, after all, people's hash maps are from the alliance chain .

04 TON – Initial Total Market Value Estimate: $6.5 Billion

Unlike several other emerging projects, TON is a “transformation” of a traditional Internet project. The telegraph Telegram is also a giant in foreign communications, with more than 200 million users .

And look at the white paper, TON's application scenarios are quite extensive…

  • Pay the gas fee for the TON network, which is used to transfer funds and call smart contracts;
  • System Staking tokens for node elections and token extensions;
  • Capital is lent to the verifier in exchange for the award amount;
  • System proposal voting rights;
  • The payment method of the App developed on TON Services, the payment method on TON Storage decentralized storage;
  • TON DNS domain name and payment method for TON WWW website;
  • The TON Proxy agent hides the means of payment for identity and IP address;
  • TON Proxy penetrates the payment method of local ISP review.

This feels that everything in the ETH, Namecoin, Filecoin, Orchid Agreement and other piles of projects is all rounded up, to be a master.

Backing on hundreds of millions of users, if you can really make these functions, um, 6.5 billion is really not overestimated, and then wait for the main online line to observe and observe.

05 Dfinity – Initial Total Market Value Estimate: $10-15 Billion

I remember last year, there was a saying that Dfinity was the only project that could rival ETH 2.0.

According to the current 15 US dollars futures price and 1 billion tokens, the total market value of Dfinity tokens can reach 10-15 billion US dollars…

However, two years later, the main network dragged on and on, until now, no one knows when this stuff can go online.

In the past year, Dfinity has mainly relied on selling shirts to keep people concerned about it.

At the same time, many people know nothing about this project. For this project, there are mainly the following things:

  • Dfinity is a decentralized cloud service platform, similar to Google Cloud, Amazon Cloud, but it is decentralized. People can contribute their own idle resources.
  • Dfinity wants to make the current "code is the law" of the blockchain replaced by the new "AI is the law."
  • Dfinity uses the VRF verifiable random function technique.
  • Dfinity is compatible with Ethereum. Some well-known foreign institutions, such as A16Z and Polychain, have been chasing Dfinity.

However, although it looks very powerful, is the scorpion a horse, or is it necessary to come out?

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