Binance Jersey will reward white hat hackers who invade their domain and Twitter accounts

According to the official announcement, at 15:00 UTC time on August 16th, a white-hat hacker obtained social account access to the email domain name service provider used by Binance Jersey and obtained @BinanceJE (Binance Jersey) Twitter account access. The white-hat hacker posted several tweets on the Twitter account @BinanceJE and then removed them. It is co-operating and open to communication with the security team, and Binance Jersey is able to recover domain names in a matter of minutes and resume Twitter in a few hours. Binance Jersey will issue a bounty for security breaches and continue investigations with service providers. All funds on Binance.JE are safe. No data was leaked. If the intruder is a white hat hacker and wants to report product security vulnerabilities in the currency security ecosystem, check out the Binance Bug Bounty program. Up to $100,000 in rewards based on the reported severity of the problem.