Analysis: The spot rate of bitcoin in this quarter exceeds 100% of the composite fund, the fundamental strategy is the best, and the quantitative base strategy is lower.

According to the news, Vision Hill released the second quarter 2019 crypto fund performance report, which aims to measure the performance of various funds through the Vision Hill Active Encryption Index. According to the Vision Hill Active Encryption Index, the Cryptographic Fund Composite Index rose by 53.6% during the quarter, and the Fundamental Strategy Fund's return rate reached 62.8%, the best performing fund type for the quarter. Quantitative funds are the worst performing fund type in the quarter, with a return rate of 45%. In the first half of 2019, the direct return rate of Bitcoin spot exceeded the return rate of the composite strategy fund by about 100%, but reviewing a full cycle (18 months) of data, all strategic fund types are better than Bitcoin spot and encryption market integration. response rate.