Security company: There is no conclusive evidence that PlusToken is involved in the "bit"

The monitoring system of Beijing Chain Security Chain found that there is no clear basis for the recent rumors of the so-called PlusToken bitcoin “砸盘”. For example, the PlusToken related 37922 bitcoin chain transfer started yesterday, which is derived from the bitcoin. The 33FKcw head address of the three PlusToken related addresses circulating in the industry was transferred to the huge UTXO of two addresses on August 13th. The two UTXOs were split again to 10 addresses on August 14. Then, after 18 o'clock on August 17th, these addresses were transferred again, but they were all transferred to a newly generated address. That is to say, these bitcoins did not flow directly into the exchange, and the criminals were usually not blatant. Directly shift large amounts of Bitcoin to the exchanges that need to be KYC. However, we also found that after 11:00 pm on August 17 to the early morning of this morning, the above address was re-transferred, mainly for splitting. As of the time of publication, a large number of single digit bitcoins have been split, but they are temporarily stored. The independent address generated during the money laundering process has not yet entered the exchange in large quantities. Most of the transfer of related addresses in the past week has these characteristics. Therefore, the evidence on the impact of the Bitcoin on the market involving PlusToken is not conclusive. Of course, we do not rule out that the newly split Bitcoin will flow into the exchange in the future, and also draw the attention of the exchange to the inflow of similar funds.