Heavy! Foreign media: "Real" Nakamoto will self-certify and announce the "Bitcoin Transformation Rebirth Plan"

Ao Ben Cong, stand by and stand! "Real" Satoshi Nakamoto vowed to prove himself to be the true inventor of Bitcoin in the next few days.


More importantly, the "real" Zhongben claimed that he currently has 980,000 BTCs. Based on current bitcoin prices, the value of this fund exceeds $10 billion.

A blockchain company called Satoshi Nakamoto Renaissance Holdings promises that "real" Nakamoto will eventually break the silence of a decade. He promised to uncover the secrets of his heart from three at 4:00 pm EST on August 18.

Spokesperson: This is definitely not a public relations girl.

"True" Nakamoto's spokesperson Ivy McLemore told CCN exclusively, "They will speak for themselves in these three parts. I really want to be known."

When asked if this major disclosure was just the public relations gimmick of the blockchain company, McLemore told CCN: " Absolutely not! "

"Bitcoin transformation rebirth" plan released

"Real" Nakamoto is committed to unlocking his true identity puzzle on his website, including:

  1. His real name.
  2. Why did he not transfer his 980,000 bitcoins.
  3. Country of birth.
  4. Education and professional background.
  5. His bitcoin revival plan (which means rebirth).

"Zhong Bencong" said that he will also explain the key role played by the code and encryption technology related to Chardian's mathematical science in his creation of Bitcoin. He said that he chose to open his identity on August 18 for a special reason. He also claimed that he registered the domain name Bitcoin.org on August 18, 2008.

Nakamoto said that the second part of his big unveiling ceremony is scheduled for August 4th at 4pm Eastern Time. The third and final part will be staged at 4 pm Eastern Time on August 20.

In the finale, "real" Satoshi claims that he will launch a project called Tabula Rasa, "His new vision for the rebalancing of Bitcoin."

"Ao Ben Cong" Craig Wright's $10 billion lawsuit continues


"Another Nakamoto" Craig Wright is at a disadvantage in a $10 billion lawsuit. |Source: Oxford League / YouTube

At the same time, another Australian password entrepreneur, Craig Wright, who claimed to be Satoshi, suffered setbacks this week because a federal judge in a Florida court dismissed his claim to reject the late computer genius Dave Kleiman's family. The motion of the $10 billion lawsuit filed against him. The judge said that Craig Wright had no "credible evidence."

Remind readers that the mystery of Nakamoto's identity has been receiving attention. Many projects and individuals have promoted their projects in the name of “Zhong Bencong”, but in the end they can't prove that they are really “Zhong Bencong. Nakamoto Satoshi Has been "retracing" for ten years, reminding readers to be cautious about such information.