Eight EIPs were initially approved in the second part of the Ethereum Istanbul hard fork

The main decision was made at the Ethereum Core Developers Conference held on the evening of Thursday (August 15th), where six EIPs (Ethereum Improvement Suggestions) were voted and approved, and these changes will be called The implementation of the first part of Istanbul's hard forks is tentatively scheduled for October this year. The other eight EIPs were initially approved for the second part of the hard fork, with a focus on the controversial ProgPOW algorithm. The second part of the Istanbul hard fork plan is expected to be implemented in the first quarter of 2020. In addition, there are still more than a dozen EIPs that have been rejected or withdrawn. According to the previous news of the Odaily Planet Daily, the Istanbul hard fork upgrade plan was launched on August 14th in the Ethereum test network Ropsten, but in a teleconference on Thursday, core developer Péter Szilágyi pointed out that the target needs to be postponed for two weeks. In order to give developers time to finalize the list of EIPs entering the first part of Istanbul. Since the core developers have just agreed to this list, Szilagyi said that the activation of Ropsten on September 4 may need to be reconsidered and postponed again.