Circle report: encryption assets Bread and Chainlink performed best this week

Encrypted financial services company Circle released this week's encryption market research report, encryption assets Bread, Chainlink performed best this week. The report shows that as of press time, the total encrypted market capitalization is approximately $256.7 billion (-10% w/w). Bitcoin is trading at $10510 (-11.6% w/w) and ETH is $186 (-12.7% w/w). BVOL (the rolling 30-day annualized bitcoin volatility calculated by BitMEX) was 66.8%, which is lower than last week's 96.5%. According to MESSARI data, among the top 100 encrypted assets, the five best performing encryption assets this week were Bread, Chainlink, FunFair, Dent, and Enjin Coin. The market capitalization of Bread and Chainlink increased by about 15% and 4% respectively. The one-week rate of change in the market capitalization of FunFair, Dent and Enjin Coin was negative.