CEO of CryptoKitties Development: The open ecosystem of the blockchain has not received enough attention

Roham Gharegozlou, CEO of Dapper Labs, a well-known blockchain game called CryptoKitties, said that getting the most out of the benefits of decentralization is one reason why almost everyone in the blockchain industry agrees. The problem is that many developers sacrifice this benefit for convenience in order to make the technology more accessible. Decentralized products should adhere to three key commitments to customers:
1. Anti-censorship: Your belongings are safe and cannot be tampered with;
2. Autonomy: You own and control your own assets, identities and data;
3. Open ecosystem: Everyone gets value from new contributions. The first and second points are relatively easy to understand, but the open ecosystem has not received enough attention.
An open ecosystem allows anyone to contribute to the work of a platform or other person on the platform and receive rewards accordingly. At Ethereum, we see an open ecosystem in the DeFi space. In an open ecosystem, users, developers, and original creators can capture value. Users have more choices and can ultimately decide what is important; software innovation is speeding up because developers can use each other's code just like LEGO bricks.