Opinion: Bitcoin network is not slow, its unconfirmed transaction number is at a low point after 2017

According to Be In Crypto, one way to determine the health of a bitcoin network is to look at mempool, the number of unconfirmed transactions. In the recent history of Bitcoin, mempool has experienced two major peaks, resulting in transaction costs and confirmation times rising to unacceptable levels: December/January 2018 and June 2017, respectively. Since then, there have been many changes in the Bitcoin network, and overall there has been an objective improvement. First, the usage rate of SegWit is close to 50% and is currently at the highest level in history. Bulk transactions have also become more common, and most exchanges do this to save time and money. Critics may say that this is because the use of Bitcoin has decreased, but frankly, the computing power of Bitcoin has recovered, is currently at the highest level in history, and the transaction output has also increased substantially, approaching the level at the end of 2017. All of this further proves that the fundamentals of Bitcoin are stronger than ever. But critics don't buy it. For example, well-known bitcoin cash supporter Roger Ver once again said that Bitcoin is slow, expensive, and unreliable, and praises BCH. Despite a lot of praises (some analysts say that robots like it), their tweets barely received any positive comments.