Analysis: Few people have a say in promoting Bitcoin improvements, and only five maintainers are able to submit changes

According to .ethereumworldnews, Bitcoin currently accounts for nearly 70% of market capitalization, as is the Linux kernel and Homebrew (a free and open source software package management system that simplifies the software installation process on macOS systems). Vow to be the leader in open source projects. The competition between free, decentralized software and concentrated assets has also become more intense. However, it is worth noting that although Bitcoin has decentralized features, few people have a say in pushing for further improvements in Bitcoin. In fact, there are currently five Bitcoin core maintainers who can submit changes to the main repository. These maintenance personnel include: Wladimir J. van der Laan, Pieter Wuille, Jonas Schnelli, Marco Falke and Samuel Dobson. As of this writing, van der Laan has been the chief maintainer of the project since 2014. This role does not give him control over the future of Bitcoin, but he occasionally speaks for this project.