Coinbase Security Supervisor: The consequences of the theft of encrypted data are more serious than the theft of social security data in financial institutions.

According to CNBC, Coinbase security director Philip Martin faces a huge challenge: explain the basic principles of security to customers, because the financial value of the customer is absolutely dependent on remembering the password and ensuring the security of the private key. Martin said: "The problem we face is that a global cryptocurrency company has to figure out how to talk about security issues, in a way that is in Japan, San Francisco, Europe and across ages, in a way that really makes us talk. The way to resonate… having a private key is to own your cryptocurrency. This means you can't revoke a cryptocurrency private key, and if the private key is lost or leaked, there is no ability to retrieve the cryptocurrency." He explained that this makes encryption The stakes in data theft are more serious than the theft of encrypted social security data in financial institutions: “The losses it causes are much higher.” This also means that attackers will be more aggressive in gaining access to encrypted assets.