The self-certification part of the suspected “Zhong Ben Cong” has been updated to explain the source of Bitcoin and its pseudonym.

Suspected that "Zhongben Cong" has proved that the first part of his website has been updated. The article mainly explains the origin of Bitcoin and Nakamoto. It is said that BTC was originally founded by Agha Hasan Abedi, founder of United Bank Limited (UBL). International Credit Bank (BCCI); its own nickname is Shaikho, I heard that Satoshi Sumita was accused of being the culprits of the Bank of Japan’s loose monetary policy, and Satoshi perfectly matched my nickname Shaikho, and wanted a master number when deciding on an alias. The name of numerology, in the numerology of the Chaldeans, a man named 55 is considered capable of defeating any enemy he faces, Satoshi + Nakamoto = 55. In addition, as for the origin of the Bitcoin name, it means that the name "bitcoin" does not only originate from the "bit" IT term "bit", but also because it wants to bring the BCCI name back to its brilliant time. The full name of BCCI is "Bank of CredIT and COmmerce INternational", so I registered the domain name "" on August 18, 2008.