Suspected "Zhong Bencong" released "My Confession (Part 1)": Reviewing the Origin of Childhood, Bitcoin Name, and the Origin of Nakamoto

At 4 pm on August 18th, US Eastern Time, the person who claimed to be the Bitcoin creator "Zhong Ben Cong" posted the first part of the information on his website ( to prove his identity.

The page of the site was updated one hour before the release. The website mentioned that he will end his anonymity in three parts starting on the 11th anniversary of registering the domain name. He said that it will reveal some unknown facts, including the origin of the pseudonym, the status of its 980,000 bitcoins and his true identity. He will also introduce the Tabula Rasa project, which is said to represent his clear vision for the future of Bitcoin.

Based on the information on the website, he will first disclose some undisclosed facts about the creation of Bitcoin, as well as the reasons for leaving and returning. The disclosure of the second and third sections of information will take place at the same time tomorrow.

In his post, he said that most people think that they are only lucky to create bitcoin, but this is not the case. Nowadays, when Bitcoin has been understood by the development of technology, but at the same time it is hijacked by greed, he feels that he has the responsibility to work hard and take his vision to a new level.

In his article, he also reviewed his childhood. His father was a banker who worked for 27 years at United Bank Limited (UBL). His father told him that Agha Hasan Abedi established the BCCI and permanently changed the bank. Deeds of the industry.

However, in BCCI, BCCI was closed in 1991 due to money laundering, bribery, smuggling and related scandals, which caused more than 1 million investors to be affected.

He claims to be interested in cryptography, computation/quantum finance, and numerology as he grows up. He studied electronic money company DigiCash Inc. when he was pursuing a master's degree in computer science from 1999 to 2000.

He believes that the 2008 recession has also promoted the birth of Bitcoin. As far as he is concerned, when he visited the UK in 2005, he could not access the network because he could not open a bank account without a permanent UK address and did not have a bank account. This has become a big obstacle.

Therefore, he hopes to change this, empower the poor and the small, and create a bank without borders, nationality and discrimination. Nothing is controlled by the government. No one will destroy the lives of others because of political mistakes. .

He mentioned that the origin of the name of Bitcoin is not only the IT term for Bit, but also another explanation, Bank of CredIT and COmmerce INternational, which is credit and international commercial banks. He also presented information on the registration of the domain name at the time.

The reason for the name "Satoshi Nakamoto" is quite complicated. The name is related to his own nickname, numerology and Japanese banker Satoshi Sumita. He mentioned that Satoshi was related to his own nickname Shaikho at home, the latter being a variant of the Mughal emperor Jahangir’s nickname Shekhu. He used the algorithm of the Caledonian Numerology in selecting the name and asked for the initial letter S. After seeing the name of Japanese banker Satoshi Sumita, he believed that Satoshi and his Shaikho nickname perfectly matched.

He also reviewed his collaboration with programmer and computer scientist Hal Finney in the article, working together on the P2P electronic cash system. Hal helped him gain access to a remote PC, which is why some people speculate that he lives in California.

He said that he is not a traditional programmer or technician, but he has a good macro view and can look at things on a larger scale. He can find something useful in the technology of elimination.

He said that his initial code name was only Satoshi, and that Nakamoto's last name came from Hal's inadvertent sentence. Between 2005 and 2006, Hal commented on the frequent occurrence of the name Satoshi, "Satoshi what? Satoshi Nakamoto?" The name Satoshi Nakamoto was used for it. In addition, the name Satoshi Nakamoto, whether it is the surname or the name, is in line with the requirements of his numerology in the Chaldean.

At the end of the article, he again thanked Hal. He said that

"I owe a lot to Hal. He is a true genius. At some point in my life, if I can do something for people to remember, I will do it."

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By Liang CHE

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