Report: Blockchain and encryption startups may need $2 million in seed funding to start funding for about 16 months

On August 18th, foreign media CryptoGlobe reported that InWara reported research on two types of blockchain/cryptocurrency startups: raising seed funds, followed by other venture capital financing; raising funds purely through token sales, such as ICO, STO or IEO. The article first considers the blockchain and encrypted startups that raise funds through seed funding, then estimates the average fundraising and how long it will take to raise more funds in a new round of financing. The average funds raised during different funding stages were $1.94 million in seed funding, $8.8 million in Series A funding, and $24.8 million in Series B funding. On average, these start-ups waited for 16 months between seed and round A financing, and waited 25 months between round A and round B financing. For blockchain and cryptocurrency startups, in the initial phase of seed funding, approximately $2 million may be required to start operations, which should last for about 16 months before refinancing is required. The same principle applies to the funding phase in the future.