Opinion: DApp can better protect user privacy and security, but it has not been effective yet.

According to cointelegraph on August 19, there are rumors that the mobile app FaceApp may take photos from the user's mobile phone without explicit permission and upload it to the FaceApp cloud server. FaceApp denies the sale or sharing of user data to third parties without permission. For the question “Do DApps built on the blockchain better protect the privacy and security of users,” said Susan Oh, CEO of Muckr.AI, of course, DApps can better protect privacy and security – if they work It works, and it can work for more than 50 people at a time. Expansion and security are a typical dilemma. Privacy and security are another dilemma. My question is: "Why does the world need another APP/DAPP? Why don't you build infrastructure and interoperability to achieve smart decentralization, personal agent and transparency? I think DApp can be in an ideal world – But to be honest, I didn't see useful things working in a decentralized way as I hoped."