Li Qiwei ridiculed the origin of the name of "Zhongben Cong" self-certified bitcoin, saying that LTC originated from the name of the lemon tea company.

On August 19th, Li Qiwei issued a special tune to the name of "Zhong Bencong" self-certified bitcoin. He said that the origin of the word Litecoin comes not only because it is a "streamlined" version of Bitcoin. At the time I was watching "Lime Tea Company Incorporated", and suddenly I was alive. These letters are "LIme TEa COmpany INcorporated" (LITECOIN). In addition, on August 18, Li Qiwei once said that if the suspected "Zhongben Cong" would prove that he was Nakamoto Satoshi on August 19, Beijing time, if Nakamoto wanted to show himself, he would Sign a message with a Genesis key. Any behavior below this is most likely a fraud. Remarks: On the morning of August 19th, it was suspected that “Zhongben Cong” proved itself to be Nakamoto in three ina in the early morning. The first part of the website has been updated. The article mainly introduces the origin of Bitcoin and Nakamoto.