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It is really denied, but the fake is desperately acknowledging.

On August 18th, Beijing time, a blockchain company called Satoshi Nakamoto Renaissance Holdings said through foreign media CCN that "the real Nakamoto will be unveiled in three phases on 18-20 days." "My own secret", more promised that "is definitely not RP."

In this regard, the foreign media CCN did not mention that it provided decisive evidence, but chose trust.

Friend A asked me via WeChat:

"Do you think this is really Nakamoto? Will he sell it? That is nearly 1 million bitcoins."

After I learned about it, I definitely said to this friend:

"Do not worry, this is another fake, the purpose is to promote their own projects."

But friend A still feels uneasy and tells me:

"In case he is, do you have evidence to prove that he is not Nakamoto?"

At that time, I really wanted to return to him, "If he is true, I will live and eat it **", but I still think about it. I really think it is 2*.

Ok, let's talk about it and seriously write about it.

Seriously, there have been a lot of articles about how to prove that it is Nakamoto. Can you prove that the simplest thing is whether he has mastered the private key of nearly one million bitcoins, even if it is one of the private keys. Also, it is possible to transfer a little coin, or to sign a name or the like.

Others, such as explaining the source of the Bitcoin name, the source of Nakamoto's name, and the story between the early participants, are all easily forged, no matter how realistic and reasonable the stories sound. Cannot be considered evidence (at least until the other party provides the decisive evidence mentioned above).

And looking back at this corner, the story is generally considered, and also revealed his purpose in advance (Tabula Rasa), for fear that everyone does not know the name of the project.

Not to mention the possibility of Nakamoto's sudden change of style completely.

Even if it is true that Satoshi wants to push his new project, then it is reasonable to first use his own bitcoin to tell everyone that he is Nakamoto, then this is definitely a big event in the world, and then talk about yourself. The story will be able to draw further attention, and finally reveal its own new project, then the degree of attention will reach a climax.

And "False Satoshi" obviously can't do the first thing, only choose to tell the story.

Look at the website where "False Satoshi" chooses to publish evidence: https://satoshinrh.com/. After a simple review, we can see that the domain name was registered on August 8 this year, and the expiration time is 2020. Month (the lowest optional time), the investment is also tens of dollars.


When some netizens visited the website, they also encountered the following situation:


It’s no wonder that some people ridicule:

“Falun Cong claims to have $10 billion in bitcoin, but even a slightly decent site can’t afford it.”

Well, "False Satoshi" also tells the story between himself and bitcoin.org, this face can not bear to look straight…

Think a little

Nakamoto has invented bitcoin and told us:

"Don't Trust, Verify".

And every year there is a "false Shun Cong", which is repeatedly reminding us of this sentence, not to see what others say, but to see how he does it, and then to verify it yourself, maybe after another 100 years, we will Can get together 108 "False Satoshi"!

There is no hot spot in the industry in the short term. It is also good to run out of "Fake Ben Cong" to make everyone lively and lively. Of course, entertainment is entertainment, so don't be tempted to invest in new projects launched by "Fake Cong".