Xiao Wei: If the virtual currency market value management strategy becomes a sickle of cutting a leek, it will be considered a crime.

Today, the director of the Bank of China Law Research Association and lawyer Xiao Wei published the article "Why am I against the market value management "virtual currency"? 》, Xiao Xiao summed up the current means of market value management of the currency circle: use Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. to conduct trading-type manipulation of the market; use black-mouth, steal hats, professional shouting singles, information release rhythm, etc. for information-based cutting of leeks; At the same time, there are also some major events, such as strategic cooperation with countries and regions such as South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Gibraltar, etc., to concoct national currency and other concepts; the last one is a technical-specific "speed" quantitative transaction. Quantifying how the “strategy” in the transaction directly affects the behavioral characterization. If the strategy is to kill the leeks and use harsh methods to deprive others of the trading opportunities (80%+), it may be considered a criminal act, illegally possessed. The purpose is suspected of the crime of fraud in Article 266 of the Criminal Law. If the project party's initial value in market value management is to "stabilize the currency price", it will gain valuable time for project research and development and enterprise development. In order to support the market rather than the market, it can be sinned by combining sufficient objective evidence. There is also a qualitative loss based on the causal relationship between loss and market value management.