Observing | Babbitt columnist free and easy: fake Bong Cong is a year-round, entertainment and education

On August 18th, Beijing time, a blockchain company named Nakamoto Satoshi Holdings said through the foreign media CCN that "the real Nakamoto will unveil its secrets in 18-20 days," Committed to say "not RP". Babbitt columnist spoke freely and said that the fake is a year-round, entertainment and education. Previously, there have been a lot of articles on how to prove that it is Nakamoto. Can you prove that the simplest thing is to see if he has mastered the private key of nearly one million bitcoins, even if it is one of the private keys. Transfer a little bit of money, or sign a name or something. Others, such as explaining the source of the Bitcoin name, the source of the name of Nakamoto, etc., are all easily forged and cannot be considered as evidence (at least until the other party provides the decisive evidence mentioned above).