"VR + blockchain", SDFS is about to create a blockchain version of "virtual city"

According to official sources, the development of the sixth blockchain fund in the UK will take three years to create a new project SDFS (Six Digital Financial Street, Chinese name sixth digital gold street) will be released in the near future to announce the global launch. SDFS is an innovative blockchain distributed encryption game. Unlike other conventional blockchain games, SDFS has added VR virtual reality and AI technology to create a blockchain version of the “simulated city”. Users holding "shells" (SDFS game tokens) can enter the virtual game world through VR devices developed by SDFS, build a super-virtual city in various regions of the world, and obtain "shells" through mining, trading, investment, construction, etc. "income. Users buy products in the virtual store of the business, and they will get exactly the same real products in the real world. The new 3D real shopping experience of SDFS will definitely surpass the traditional e-commerce. At present, SDFS will mainly develop “simulated cities” in the United States, Singapore, and China. In the future, SDFS will also create more applications, moving the real world one by one to virtual cities, creating a virtual link under the chain and sharing globally. The "blockchain mirror world" of governance.