Jiang Zall doubts that the credit default will cancel the cloud computing power: it is obliged to disclose the real situation to the user and should bear the loss of the user.

Jiang Zhuoer once questioned the "cloud computing power canceled by the default of the currency letter in the case of the bidding of the mainland. Is there any scheduled mining machine?" On April 13, Jiang Zhuoer again weibo said: 1. Responsibility is calculated according to the contract, and it is obligatory to disclose the actual situation of the calculation to the user. It announces that “the mining machine has been transferred to other mines and the calculation power is normal”. Now it becomes “pretend to claim the safe relocation of the mining machine”? In the end, the coin letter has sown a few versions of the lie? Will it let users associate, "proclaimed 100% margin for the coin wallet" is also pretending to claim? 2. The currency letter has the ability to change the mine to continue to operate the mining machine. Of course, there will be delays. The user definitely chooses “the mine is delayed on the line” instead of “lossing half of the price of the mining machine”. The credit letter is breached, and the user is strongly refused to take it away. Mining machine. Why not continue to run the mining machine instead of selling the mining machine? Is it because it can put the huge profits of users into their pockets? 3. The nature of the cloud computing power purchased by the user is the mining machine. The user bears the risk of falling prices (and falling output) and should enjoy the profit of the price increase. This part of the profit does not belong to the currency letter. 4. If the coin does not have a mining machine at the site, why not return the profits that should belong to the user to the user? Why do you want to double the profits of the mining machine? 5. The letter of credit should operate the mining machine according to the contract. The mining machine is not related to the ups and downs, and does not bear the losses incurred. The profits generated are not yours. The mining machine has fallen, and the currency letter can continue to run the mining machine according to the contract. Will the user ask you to lose the price? If the credit default does not run the mining machine, it should bear the loss of the user.