Babbitt Column | Xiao Wei: Why do I object to the market value management "virtual currency"?

Looking at the ups and downs of major VoIP transactions, I can't help but think of a set of cases many years ago. The means of the actor is very similar to the "securities of the securities and futures markets", but it is because it is not a legal "exchange" in the country . By a 5-10 year of medium and light weight crimes, he was directly promoted to the crime of imprisonment for the maximum sentence of life imprisonment.

Sometimes practitioners and family members also complain that the difference in different environments is so great.

The so-called "market value management" means

For the market value management of the virtual currency market, the insiders are no strangers. Although in the classical investment industry, our impression of market value management is neutral. However, the market value management in the currency circle is alienated as: the knife of cutting the leeks .

My sister borrowed the practice of the securities market to summarize the current practice of market value management of virtual currency in China:

1. Inciting transactions.

Make false and uncertain information, spread to the social unspecified people (community), induce institutional investors and individual investors to make wrong investment decisions.

We will find that the market value management team usually cooperates with the “ professional shouting person ” (including the sunspot) and operates through the “ extraordinary word + transaction pull ” method; of course, there is also a reverse operation, through the “ derogatory language + transaction” The method of “pressing” temporarily suppresses the price so as to release some pressure to facilitate the formation of a zigzag K-line diagram.

2. Grab the hat.

Let us introduce this kind of behavior by borrowing the “snatch hat” of the traditional securities industry.

My sister has seen the trading pool of the traditional futures exchange in Chicago. The lively quotation is almost comparable to the market . Once someone sells the order, many traders will raise their right hands and even their hands, and strive to let the seller see themselves, just like The unmarried girls who robbed the "marriage flower ball" can also be imagined as throwing their hats when they graduated. When they fall, they must grab a top and wear them first. " Intraday short-term trading " is called "grab the hat."

However, the essence of the money robbing hat is: deception + preemptive trading , publicly predicting the trend of a certain currency in the community or from the media, and then reverse trading to unfairly earn the "zero sum game" profit.

3. Control the timing of information release.

Make a release message, please note that the message here is not necessarily a fake message or a false message. The presence or absence of the concocted news, specific content (such as a mining and hydropower base that accepts the project side of a major hydropower province), and the timing of the announcement .

Controlling the timing of information release, instead of using existing information, but making new news and waiting for release, the purpose is to induce investors to invest or reduce their holdings by controlling the timing of information release to achieve their own profit.

4. Quantify + reverse transaction.

For the purpose of dealing with transactions, frequent declarations, frequent withdrawals, use of technological advantages and technical strategies, time difference, and the illusion of large purchases, "fudge" market currency rises , in fact, will be withdrawn in a very short time, Send the leeks to the guillotine, and then sell them to them with a smile.

5. Other ways of playing.

After all, there is no " dark pile " in the sister-in-law. I can't fully understand the new methods and the dark operation. We welcome the readers' message to let us know for a long time.

Condensed, we believe that the means of market value management of the currency circle: trading in the market with bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.; using information such as black mouth, stealing hats, professional shouting singles, information release rhythm, etc. There are also some major events, such as strategic cooperation with countries and regions such as South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Gibraltar, etc., to concoct national currency and other concepts ; the last one is a technically- competitive "speed" quantitative transaction.

To put it another way, how to formulate a “strategy” in a quantitative transaction directly affects the qualitative nature of the behavior. If the strategy is to kill the leek, using the harsh means to deprive others of the trading opportunity (80%+) may be considered a criminal act.

Suspected of ancient charges

When we ridicule the classical world, such a new technology, when blaming the above behavior, it is a crime of ancient crimes that has been used for two thousand years (the sin is from the Hammurabi Code).

At present, in view of the legal ambiguity of China's legal currency other than Bitcoin, it has an "illegal" strong attitude towards the cryptocurrency exchange. Therefore, in the domestic market ( including Chinese operations in overseas markets, ultimately hurting Chinese people) Property rights ) OTC transactions and futures trading, etc., if adopted as above, may be identified as: for the purpose of illegal possession, suspected of the Criminal Law Section 266 fraud.

The sentence: the maximum life imprisonment, accompanied by "and fines or confiscation of property", please note that the confiscation of property here refers to the other legal property of the individual …..

However, how does it not constitute fraud? Our legal people are also thinking. If, as described above, not many people will be suspected of fraud, is it possible to rescue some of them who "have no illegal possession"?

Maybe there is a way, though it is very difficult.

1. Focus: What is the purpose of market value management ? If the purpose is to "cut the leek", that is, to withdraw money from the common people's pockets, then the purpose of illegal possession can basically be determined.

If the initial intention of the project party is “ stable currency price ”, it will gain valuable time for project research and development and enterprise development, and combined with sufficient objective evidence, it can be guilty.

2. What is the loss situation ? It has become a normal situation to lose more than 90% of the losses. We must explain the status quo of this whole industry to the case-handling agencies. The natural result of market behavior is that basically all projects are lost or lost more than 90%. Then, the operation of the project side The behavior is to support the market rather than the market .

Judging from the current case, the police handling agency is a “criminal investigation”. They will go to the exchange to obtain evidence. Generally speaking, the exchange will cooperate with the evidence collection work in time, and the operating accounts and account details in the account are clear.

3. Is the loss caused by market value management ? This involves causality issues. Is the market value management behavior one of the reasons for the loss of property of the people? If so, what is the magnitude of the cause; if not, there can be evidence (such as the market trend at the time, major policies and events) Influence, etc.)

The above is today's sharing, grateful readers.

Special thanks to our criminal law god, Mr. Han Friendship, for his contribution to this article.

Author: Xiao Sa