A shares | China Construction will soon set up a blockchain financial platform, the stock price reached a new high within a year and a half

The establishment of the blockchain financial platform is the first blockchain layout for the construction of China.

On the evening of August 18th, China Construction Construction (002822.SZ) announced that it had signed the "Financial Platform for Jointly Establishing Blockchains" with Shanghai Haoge Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Zhuo Information"). Agreement, China Construction (002822.SZ) will jointly establish the blockchain technology financial information service platform for the building decoration industry.

According to the announcement, the blockchain financial platform will help the construction of the central office to effectively reduce the cash payment pressure of upstream and downstream, reduce capital occupation and reduce capital costs. In addition to the internal business of China Construction (002822.SZ), the blockchain financial platform also exports technology and services to other companies in the same industry, and thus obtains relevant income.

Zhongcun Construction (002822.SZ) is known as Shenzhen Zhongchuang Construction Group Co., Ltd., which was established in 1994 and listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2016. In addition to the main business of decoration, it also involves architectural decoration and design. R&D, landscaping, housing construction, new energy, property management, urban micro-updates and many other industries.

According to the financial network and chain financial review, in July 2018, China Construction (002822.SZ) once said on the interactive platform that China Construction (002822.SZ) did not involve blockchain business for the time being. In the past year, China Construction (002822.SZ) has not had any action in the blockchain field. Therefore, the establishment of the blockchain financial platform can be described as the public sector construction (002822.SZ) public level. The first blockchain layout on the top.

This morning, China Construction Construction (002822.SZ) opened 5.79%, reaching 8.40 yuan per share, the stock price hit a new high in a year and a half.

Previously, a large number of listed companies relied on blockchain hotspots to reverse the trend, and successively rose. Among them, the most successful "performance" was the US stock listed company Overstock. According to the chain on August 15th, "STO First mover beauty" blockchain concept stock "Overstock brilliant and difficult to continue" report, Overstock began to lay out the blockchain in 2014, after which Overstock shares rose successively, until January 2018, Overstock shares reached The highest price since its listing – $89.80.

After the financial inquiry on the chain, it was learned that the secondary market of China Construction (002822.SZ) in 2019 was in a good trend, and its main business was also in a steady state.

According to the comprehensive multi-party information, the blockchain financial platform established by the China Construction (002822.SZ) and the pigeons information is a typical platform that combines blockchain technology with supply chain finance.

Supply chain finance is one of the important scenarios for the current commercialization of blockchain technology. According to Suning Financial Research Institute, there are problems in supply chain finance that cannot be directly circulated, higher financing costs, and poor credit environment. Blockchain technology can ensure that supply chain financial assets are more efficient and secure, with the advantages of digitizing supply chain financial assets, promoting multi-theme better cooperation, achieving multi-level credit transfer, and preventing compliance risks through smart contracts.

However, according to Jiang Fengming, the blockchain research center of the Institute of Financial Science and Technology of Tsinghua University, blockchain technology can only solve some problems brought by supply chain finance, including the lack of digitalization of the industry, the lag of infrastructure construction in the bill market, and related laws. Lagging behind and the lack of motivation for core companies to participate.

According to the chain of financial understanding, the current Jingdong, Ping An account, Ali and other traditional enterprises have begun to get involved in the development of blockchain technology in supply chain finance.

Source: Financial Network · Chain Finance