The blockchain is “useless”, why are we still gambling on the future and not willing to leave? | 2019 than the original chain global developer conference

At the end of 2008, the world was mired in the quagmire of the economic crisis. But the MIT cryptography mail discussion group is full of excitement. Nakamoto Satoshi, who was also an unnamed account at the time, published a paper called "Bitcoin P2P E-Cash Paper." It was not the full screen cheers that greeted him, but the enquiries of the group friends.

But since then, Bitcoin has moved from theory to reality, and Nakamoto has gradually chosen to retreat. In the next ten years, people from different industries, different organizations, and different fields came to join us. Bitcoin is finally raging into a revolution by a flame.

“Why is there a blockchain? Looking back at its development, we clearly feel that it has an extremely strong open source and open spirit. The blockchain is in some sense an open source movement with an economic incentive system.”

On November 17-18, 2018, the two-day "2018 than the original global developer conference" was held in Hangzhou. After four months of killing, 16 from Hangzhou, Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Seoul, Boston and other places. The team was finalist.

In the opening speech, he was more than a thousand stars in the original chain CEO. “The trust brought by the blockchain is not trusting the intermediary, but trusting the mechanism of openness, transparency and public participation. So I think the spirit of open source is very important. Imagine if there are no developers, testers, code submissions from around the world. Those technicians who have not helped us to verify, can't have today's achievements than the original chain."

Open source and open, this may be the starting point for blockchain technology.

From concept to landing, the developer contest that has become standard is the open source spirit "incubator"

In 2018, the first than the original chain developer conference, there are blockchain social projects based on the original chain, blockchain contract projects, blockchain rental projects, decentralized asset circulation platform and vehicle data management. The platform project has a blockchain advertising distribution platform project, a sewage management asset system, and a “native” blockchain project such as blockchain wallet, browser, and Bytom developer tools. The blockchain competition is becoming an "incubator" for these projects from concept to landing.

For example, the Bytomswap project, created by programming god Anil Kumar, won the 2018 championship. This is a decentralized multi-digital asset trading platform based on the development of the original chain. Through the hash time locking protocol, it can realize the trading and exchange of assets between different blockchain projects.

Today, over the past year, the project has evolved into an entrepreneurial project, and Anil Kumar has begun a corporatization. Bytomswap also implements cross-chain exchanges between multiple assets on the original chain, such as BTC, ETC, LTC, BTM, etc. According to the plan, they will then promote the exchange of concentrated assets and decentralized asset exchange.

Chen Hui is the head of the PPK community. Recalling the first developer contest, he said that the project at that time is more of a concept, verifying the PPk open agreement and combining with the original chain, trying to make new SNS and IOT. application.

In 2019, the finals of the Global Developers Conference Finals and the Global Developers Conference will be held on August 24th in San Francisco, USA. Teams from the United States, Russia, India, Belgium, Canada, Brazil, Zambia, Venezuela and other countries will participate in the final competition, including projects such as stable currency payment systems, supply chain finance, contract development tools, and education technology. .

After a year of accumulation, Chen Hui participated again. On the basis of the previous PPkSwapTool project, the PPK community will be based on deeper exploration than the original chain.

In the past two years, the developer contest has become the standard for public chain project parties. As a contestant, Chen Hui believes that the contest has three values. First, in-depth understanding of the characteristics of the public chain, find the joint point of cooperation between the two sides, promote technology landing; Second, reflect the open integration ability of the project and different public chains; Third, communicate with the outstanding developers in the industry.

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From the freezing point to the outbreak, the Chinese blockchain is being lit

After the birth of Bitcoin, the battlefield of the blockchain has been overseas. Until the release of NEO by small ants in 2014, the Chinese public chain project officially set sail. By 2017, China's public chain project has erupted, and dozens of public chains, such as the original chain, quantum chain, and coin chain, have been born.

From the initial electronic cash bitcoin to the main chain of the main asset chain, the public chain entrepreneurs began to explore the value of the blockchain in the vertical field. In this process, the Chinese public chain team has entered the international arena. From technology to project influence, China has become a member of the blockchain world.

The wind started at the end of Qingping.

In November 2018, the side chain project was promulgated at the developer conference than the original chain. Today, the side chain main network has been launched, and more than 60 well-known project participants participated in the node campaign, and more than 100 million BTMs participated in the voting.

"We don't think that one solution can solve all the problems completely. Single-chain and single-chain tiering can't solve the limitation introduced by single consensus. The main side chain can be adapted to different business scenarios, different access and open systems, and deal with decentralization. , security and performance requirements," Duan Xinxing said.

Blockchain has always been criticized as "useless", but in fact, like the original chain, the project itself is constantly optimized, and technology is constantly being sought. At the same time, around the original chain, through the original chain developer contest, more developers began to participate, these developers from their respective fields, with the help of the original chain to explore blockchain technology in different areas of "land value" And, they try to use the blockchain to link upstream and downstream resources to produce ecological synergy.

Many years ago, Chinese mobile Internet entrepreneurs needed to learn from Silicon Valley and even copy Silicon Valley technology. But today, in the field of open source blockchain, Cosmos, Pokaldot, Algorand and other projects are still the focus of global attention, but China's blockchain entrepreneurship has a more solid industrial base, a broader market, and more entrepreneurs. China's blockchain entrepreneurship is being ignited. As the industry shuffles and returns to rationality, value and application may really land.

Previously, in the upper section of the developer contest, Xinxing once said that technology and development itself should pursue meaning, and cannot simply seek one's own power, seek monopoly, seek control, and seek personal interests to maximize. "We must do blockchain and technology development to serve the public interest, we must solve the real problems, we must combine with the real society, bring economic and social prosperity."

In 2019, the public chain was still "useless", but why not leave, perhaps not because we can see the future, but because we saw the present and saw the beginning of change. Compared with the original 2019 Global Developers Conference, what are the young people, what will this bring?

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