V God: The government can participate in the field of encryption as a regulator and technology user

According to The Star, Eitafang founder Vitalik Buterin recently said in an interview with The Star “What is the role of the government? (The field of encryption) is there a government-regulated place?” One answer said: “The government plays many roles. One of them is the regulator. Cryptographic exchanges are often the most concerned places, and the basic idea is to raise funds for a new project by selling tokens directly on the blockchain. Is there a legal basis for a particular type of ICO? There is still controversy about being classified as a securities.” V God added: “Regulators are definitely working hard, and they have not made decisions in many respects. Another area in which the government plays a role is as a user of technology. Has been exploring the issue of digital currency and the use of blockchains for different types of government records."