Babbitt SheKnows丨Lucas: At least half a year from the real decentralized cross-chain transaction

Lucas, head of commercial growth at imToken, said in a talk show on the Babel SheKnows community tonight that DEX will be the future trend, but DEX will catch up with the centralization deal as a marathon instead of a 100-meter sprint. Need to work with technology iterations to create a better user trading experience. In the long run, after all, compared to centralized exchanges, DEX is a safer and more transparent trading process is an absolute advantage. He also believes that the current situation, DEX is still at least half a year away from the real decentralized cross-chain transactions, and depends on the advancement of some cross-chain projects. Even if the decentralized cross-chain is completed, it is also a problem to use this cross-chain technology to provide users with a good cross-chain trading experience.