Babbitt SheKnows Yuzhu: DEX is the future of the blockchain platform, Matcha is actively deploying the public chain

Yuba, the image ambassador of the Matcha trading platform, said in a talk show on the Babel SheKnows community tonight that choosing a strong growth project is a strong item of Matcha, but the place where Matcha is the best is not the first step in the selection of coins. It is to highly respect the community's opinions and bring high-quality asset allocation to community users. She believes that investors who have long been optimistic about the blockchain industry are the value investors in her eyes. In addition, she also believes that DEX is the future of the blockchain platform. DEX must be the field that Matcha will be involved in in the future, but Matcha still needs a lot of preliminary preparations, such as the active distribution of Matcha public chain.