Bitcoin challenges $11,000, and mainstream currencies rebound strongly. Where is the market going?

After the continuous decline in Bitcoin, the temperature rebounded and many investors who were scared away slammed their thighs again. History is always strikingly similar, but humanity is always so fragile, and people who dare to bottom out are still a minority.

In the process of investing, it should not be affected by the market environment, otherwise it is easy to fall into an infinite loop, and the final end can be imagined. Just like the wave of last week's plunge, I believe that few people dare to sneak into the bottom.

Therefore, in the minds of ordinary investors, if they fall, they will want lower chips, and they will not open positions in batches. They feel that they are very disadvantageous. Once it went up, it became more and more flustered, and finally began to chase up and stayed halfway up the mountain.

Therefore, in the process of investment, avoid empty positions and full positions, the correct posture should be to obtain excess returns in the transfer position. Dare to buy when you fall, dare to sell when you go up.

Everyone can look at my previous articles. I am stressing that the more you buy, the more you sell, the more you sell, and even if you can't get all the benefits, you can make the most correct choice.

Now investors are most concerned about whether the bitcoin wave is a scam or a rebound. My personal opinion tends to oversold and rebound, but the height will be limited. Generally, when it rises to 11,000 US dollars, it will be strongly resisted and will rise. From the trend point of view, you can see that Bitcoin is still running in the convergence triangle. This time it falls to $9,500, only one step away from the lower edge, and the pressure on the top is around $11,000. Therefore, the callback is not sufficient. If you hit it, you will come down and give the empty man a chance to get on the bus again. If you dare to get on the bus next time, you will see your courage.

From the trend, we can see that this rise is a gradual decline in the high point, so it is still in the downward channel, it does not matter if you really miss this wave.

Look at other rising currencies. The rise is more serious. The declines in the previous period are more serious. The ETH and XRP are being suppressed. They are rebounding, but the height of the rebound is limited. The market is not complete. recovery.

Therefore, in the next stage, the high probability will continue to go up and then retrace again. This is a normal trend. Therefore, we must learn to lighten up in the process of rising and learn to take profit.

As for the comrades who want to wait for the $9,000 chips below, they will continue to wait. Anyway, they have waited for 2 months, and don’t care to wait for 1 month.

The following analysis of the market with indicators:

Bitcoin is still in the convergence triangle, MACD's red column begins to shorten, and DIF stops falling and rebounds on the 0 axis. This is the key point that I emphasize. If it falls, the market will accelerate to fall back. This time, it is successfully held; and KDJ and RSI has formed a golden fork, and the rushing upwards is good; the Bollinger Band begins to shrink, but the amount is not big, which is the biggest hidden danger.

Looking at the trend of ETH, the Bollinger Band began to open, and the trend broke through the triangle; KDJ and RSI both formed a golden cross; MACD began to move back, and the market was at risk of falling back. The $200 is a watershed, and it is crucial to see if it can stand still.

The trend of EOS is more subtle. It is very difficult to go up, and the selling pressure is relatively large. MACD, KDJ and RSI are all in a state of bonding. The market will not be able to win or lose in the short term. The follow-up may continue to fall back. Profit. On the whole, the market will move up the inertia for a while, but not far away, remember to encounter big resistance, high take profit, more investment advice, you can pay attention to the public number: the big devil.

Source: QKL123