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On August 8th, IOST co-founder Terry attended the signing ceremony of the release of the version of the mobile game blockchain of "The Legend of the Sword and the Chivalrous Man", and signed the contract with the chairman and CEO of King Kong Games, Li Liujun, and the founder of the chain travel world, Elthen.

Left: Terry: Li Liujun Right: Elthen

IOST will work with China's well-known veteran game maker King Kong Games and Chain Tour World ChainXGame to create the version of the "Fairy Swordsman 5" mobile game blockchain.

At the beginning of September, IOST will launch the mobile game blockchain version of "Fairy Swordsman 5", which has dual versions of iOS and Android. At that time, IOST and Chain Travel World will each provide Token as a mining pool, and IOST will become the only Token recharge channel supported by the first launch.

From August 22nd to August 31st, the pre-sale of the "Sword of the Five" chain tour package will be officially opened, and the gift package will be unprecedented. The pre-sale details of the package will be announced.

There are more than 20 years of Xianjian. Do you have any stories about Xianjian (game)? (There are super welfare activities at the end of the text, participating in the winning prize)

The following is the story of Elthen and Xianjian, the founders of IOST partner chain travel world, and the chain tour of "Fairy Five".

My past and the sword, as well as the past of the "Sword of the Five" chain tour


From the "small and beautiful young boy, the spiritual island to seek medicine and the immortality", to "a sword and a cloud, a pot of wine in the fairy" – the old players who have played the sword can feel something.

This represents more than 20 years of years. Li Xiaoyao has become a famous young man from the town of Yuhang Town and a dream master. He has become the world’s first in the world, the first of the world’s swordsmanship, and his granddaughter. Children can love early…

(This poem will be back now.) For more than two decades, Linger still does not know where to go. Although we don't think she has passed away, she would rather believe that she went to another parallel universe or to a spiritual form. Flying above the sky, when the world encounters a sinister out of the hand – just like helping the little tiger to solve the dead leaf Zen master, and then continue to be difficult to see…

In these twenty years, the moon is always lying in the grass of the sacred aunt in my heart. Every night of the moon, the sword is going to the canyon to collect medicine for her, continuing her sober, sometimes chaotic life. . He stayed with her and watched her fall asleep. What she was expecting was only the moment she woke up, just like the grandfather in the Diary was accompanied by his wife who was suffering from Alzheimer's disease, just waiting She didn't know how long it took for a few minutes to wake up…

After more than 20 years, Anu became the wife of Haishu. In the same year, she was still beautiful, and she only added female charm to her, and did not take away others. However, even if Linger Moon is no longer there, Anu can still only look at Li Xiaoyao from a distance, and still can only "make a star with the moon." But who can say that she is no happier than the two of them?

For more than two decades, how many swords and swordsmen have emerged from the surge –

The singular Wang Xiaohu (not red does not blame you) and bullying, Su Mei;

Cool handsome hanging Tiantian heavy building CP;

The curved bow shot Qionghua’s Yuntian River, old and handsome, Ziying;

Jiang Yunfan, who is a disciple of the grandfather, and the rainy girl who sees me, with a double knife;

The second man who dared to take the big knife as a weapon is now (not seeing the encounter of Xiaohu Ge) and Luo Zhaoyan, who is "changing 癖"…

The charm of the fairy sword has not decayed at least in my heart.


Twenty years ago, just after I was in elementary school, my aunt’s family bought a computer and let me play in the past. When I first sat down on the computer, she helped me type in several DOS command lines:

Cd pal



Then I changed from a schoolmaster to a game addiction child, not

Then I walked into the dreamy and magnificent world of "The Legend of the Sword and the Chivalrous Man".

Soon, I asked my father to buy a computer in his own home. It looked like 286 or the latest model. It was expensive and it was a luxury. I claimed to buy a computer, but it was all about playing Xianjian.

Since then, Xianjian has been no longer just a game for me.

It is a beautiful memory that is irreplaceable in childhood.

Every Saturday, my two cousins ​​who are four or five years younger than me will come to play at home. In addition to playing ping pong together, we will sit in front of 286 at other times and play the sword together.

However, Xianjian is a stand-alone game. How do three people play?

I am a brother, I am going to play the main line, but I don't like to fight monsters. I run away when I encounter a monster. I often cause the upgrade to be insufficient. The main line does not have a big monster and boss. At this time, the two younger brothers take turns to play the wild monster upgrade.

In addition to playing wild monsters, there is an important task in the section of the Holy Ghost – picking the rats and selling the fruit. The two younger brothers were very obedient. They ran for dozens of baboons, and each time they picked up 99 rats and gave me seven or eight gold silkworm kings! And while I was watching comics and eating fruits, I occasionally stepped forward to guide…..

But I also have time to fulfill my brother’s obligations. When I encounter the plot, I will fully dub.

Men, women, monsters, female thieves, villagers, passers-by… Every protagonist and NPC lines will try to imitate their tone, and will be accompanied by swaying and body language.

Now I want to come, my friends often say that my "fine points" may be the root of the disease that fell at that time.

The elders of the stone can't beat it completely, and the two fire dragons come out and we are all dumbfounded;

The maze was vomiting blood, and the monster was scary, making me afraid to play when I was alone;

The final fit version of the month teaches Master Water World of Warcraft. We won it from 1996 to 1997…

In the end, Linger’s body, the return of the moon, and the slave’s flute all planted indelible marks in our three hearts. I believe this directly affects our three mate choices – there may be different interpretations because Some younger brothers are from the end, and some younger brothers are in the flowers.

I still remember that Grandma will limit the time we play the game, Grandpa will not. So when my grandmother went out of the house occasionally, I would say hello to my grandfather, let him tell me to shut down when my grandmother opened the door.

Grandpa claimed that she was a secret agent like my party's 007 when she was young. She was cool and handsome and would open a tractor with a pistol. I don't think it is very reliable. But it is still very reliable in covering me with playing the sword.


In 2003, "The Legend of the Sword and the Chivalrous Man" was listed.

I am already a high school student.

Eight years after the publication of the first generation, the storyline is also eight years after the first generation of stories. What kind of expectation is this? Putting it today can basically be the first place in the game super-speaking list, no need to give the Raiders.

However, the word of mouth is flat.

Some said that Wang Xiaohu is not a handsome name, and some say that 2D can't keep up with the times, but I don't think any one of the swords can be satisfied.

The main problem of Xianjian II is that the world view is too martial arts and not enough for Xianxia. It is less dusty and elegant, and a little more secular, the unique flavor of the sword can not be found.

But I still brushed it twice, and there are still a lot of plots to play with now – Yunmengze wakes up, Xianxia Liuqi is deadly five people, Shenbulo frost strange charm fighting action, Lushan sword battle battle demon.

Even if there is no such thing, just to see if there are still a few paragraphs in the CG, I am willing to play.

In addition, Wang Xiaohu is not handsome enough… (It is estimated that Yao Xian used Guo Jing as a prototype when setting)

Later, from the beginning of Xianjian three, Xianjian took the road of “Shenjian Great World View”. Change engines, change games, change battle systems, etc., a large wave of derivatives and the surrounding, TV dramas, stage plays, comics, novels, etc.

time flies.


I came to Shanghai to study at the university. The laptops used in the dormitory have long been known how many times faster than the 286.

At that time, the game played was very complicated, and there was no longer only a fairy sword in the mind. The more gorgeous final fantasy became a more interesting game. The warm-hearted RPG series of empty track series of F Society also became my standing game. Suri’s red-haired adventurer Yatru became my new favorite.

However, I still brought an old notebook that can run "Shenjian 98 Soft Love" and put it there. Just put it there.


After graduating, I have been half-invested and half-invested in the game industry, insisting on saving money, and striving on the road from end-games, page games, 3D page games, IPTV games, somatosensory games, mobile games, and self-developed engines.

After many times of pits, I realized that when I was young, those seemingly exquisite games needed to be unkempted around the clock, and I was able to "get rid of the rain and face, and I hope that the game will be pity." After that, the chances of even the city were not cut down. I wanted to talk to the players, "I hope to be able to stay with the monarch, and go with the rivers and lakes." It was a delusion.

In 2014, I felt that I had to practice the bottleneck of my training. I decided to study abroad for two years. I was considered to be a martial arts man to go to the cliff to find a high-ranking person to get through the second line of the governor, and to repair the wild treasures in the way to stop the thunder.


However, less than two years later, I came back from studying in Britain and France. I found that the world of games has changed dramatically – VR/AR games are popular.

I thought that the magical power had already taken shape, and I started a VR game company with my friends to start financing. In less than three months, I got a million rounds of angels.

There are very few games played during this period. It’s funny to say that after entering the game industry, there are fewer and fewer games to play.

Everyone knows about the VR company in the days after the end of 2016. I want to use a common saying to describe "who knows who is swimming naked after the wave has retreated", but found that this sentence is more appropriate. "There are people who can still insist on the nude swimming." very impressive".

We are the ones who insist on continuing the nude swimming. With the third generation Peerless Reality AR racing car, we put on the swimsuit again. This product has become the most trend-setting invention in China. There are many manufacturers behind us, but the patents are in our hands. We have 30 stores across the country and are also exported to Los Angeles. BMWs, BYD, Geely, Weilai and many other car companies have become our customers.

But this time I found out that what I am doing is still related to the game? !


I bid farewell to partners and investors to quit the company alone and start a semi-retirement study of a structural opportunity I personally think of – the blockchain. How does this game combine with the game?

The reality is very skinny, most of the projects are cutting the leeks, even a project that I think is absolutely reliable, the price of the currency returns to 1 point under the general trend – I will not say that I am eating with their co-founders After the meal, I went to the high price and entered a lot of goods, and then lost 18 times – a joke, this is really a good project, has already risen back.

When the entire currency circle was in full swing, the DApp did let me see some hope.

Despite the details, the DApp outbreak is purely a speculative carnival. These DApps with the name of the game have nothing to do with the game.

But if you want to get on every link, you can't do a game that players can accept. At least I am definitely not going to play.

In the chaos, I realized that this is a window period.

Just like the Devil's Well in the Sword, you have to go to the maze to blame you. It feels both dark and chaotic, but the protagonist has to break through to fly, and he has to go through it.

Therefore, in the constant research, consultation, and experimentation, I gradually clarified my direction.

That is, from that moment on, the chain travel world is born.

MTP is ambitious (although MTP was originally a grand change target) – letting 2.2 billion players own digital assets.

I think this MTP is particularly good, because it is particularly good to change, in a few years it can be changed to 23, 2.4 billion…


To tell the truth, at the beginning, I just used this as an experimental project. However, in the process of advancing, I found myself being pushed forward by various forces–the partners who naturally joined, the ever-changing benefits. Information, updated market demand.

There is a feeling of being a happy brother.

My thoughts are described in one sentence, which is to let more traditional gamers perceive the benefits that the blockchain can bring to the game, and thus accept the blockchain game; instead of just doing the stock fight in the currency users.

Someone is on this road, but no one is passing. The difficulty can be imagined.

But I still took the first step. By incubating a team that plays chess games, the market is more clear and technically prepared, and then we have to travel in the world.


Time came to the beginning of 2019, thanks to the old Li and Junge of King Kong Games. When they first lobbied them to cooperate with the chain to change the game, Lao Li said that he could support me with the "Fairy Swordsman 5" mobile game on his hand.

After more than 20 years, I really didn't expect to encounter Xianjian again on such occasions, and I didn't expect to be in contact with Li Xianyao's still active Xianjian world.

But things really happened. We started the chain-changing of the "Fairy Swordsman Five" in the world of chain travel. From the design of the pass to the technical plan, we are fully responsible.

Incorporate Token consumption, open the dual recharge channel of French currency and Token; introduce Token reward, design the “mining” incentive after reaching the goal in the user's various gameplays.

A small step in this chain change will be a big step in the game industry.

Our goal is not only to provide money-making gamification gamification for players in the currency, but to let them compete with traditional gamers through a really fun game.

The players in the currency circle found that the game was originally used for playing, and earning money by the way (NFT props need playability to be valuable, only scarcity is not enough);

Traditional players find that in addition to fun, the game can also be mentally and physically realized (and without discounts, high circulation, and high security).

IOST also joined at this time – in fact, when friends pushed Jimmy's WeChat to me, I still don't know what IOST is, but soon we found that this cooperation is a natural fit – IOST this year's main chain tour ecology Good products are needed to feed back and stick to users. The game like "Sword" is certainly the best choice.

The promotion of cooperation is very fast, and the partners of the major chain travel channels are also very strong. The largest chain of chain travel channels in the market have been hit, providing the best promotion resources, the best location, and the rewards of their own platforms. I plan to make the "Sword of the Five" chain tour into a milestone in the history of the chain.

The partners of the traditional game industry have also supported, and the StarWorld community has hosted the “Finding the Fair” Cosplay contest with us, providing them with a large number of high-quality coser resources.

8.22-8.31 We will open the "Shenjianwu" chain tour package pre-sale in the chain travel world and all major channels, the strength of the package is unprecedented;

Around 9.10, the game will be officially launched.


This is of course a well-deserved soft text, but I took the time to fly before the game was on the line and decided to take more than an hour to write, which shows that I am not just trying to write a plain soft text.

I would like to use this text to reminisce those lost years and the feelings that have not passed away. I am encouraging myself to "understand the past, and the people who know who can be chased", is shouting "The long wind is returning, the world is not seen." People don't return."

Twenty years have passed, I don’t know if I have changed from a “small and beautiful boy” (too narcissistic to feed!) to a “one sword, a cloud, a pot of wine, a fairy”, but I know, I The enthusiasm for games, for life, for dreams, for the reunification of the motherland, and for world peace has never changed.

Years can be chased, blood is still not cold.

Have you seen some touches after reading?

From August 17th to August 31st, write the story of you and Xianjian (game). As long as we can feel your love for Xianjian, you will have the opportunity to get rewards such as IOST, Gifts around Xianjian, and IOST. We will also select premium content to be displayed on the entire network.

* The article must be more than 200 words, the content is around the sword, and there is no plagiarism.

way of participation:

Open the link and attach your masterpiece to the form.


List of prizes

All users participating in this event can get one of the swords and acrylics. In addition, 10 randomly selected from all the users participating in the event, each will receive 400 IOST.

In addition, we will select 10 users and win the Super Award (the reward is not superimposed).

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