Survey: XRP has the highest degree of speculation in the top five cryptocurrencies in the market capitalization

According to Bitcoinist, The TIE, a cryptocurrency data platform, recently investigated the extent of speculation on Twitter. The data shows that the least cryptocurrency is Tether, with a score of only 0.003. Other lower scores include EOS (0.008), Ethereum Classic (0.158), Cosmos (0.230), and NEO (0.231). Among the top five tokens in the market capitalization, the BTC score is 1.72, ETH is 1.17, BCH is 0.72, LTC is 1.08, and the scores are all within the average range, which means that they are very confident in their ability, there is no need to boast, You can focus on the work at hand. And the same is the top five market capitalization tokens, XRP scores as high as 4.07, impressive.