Xiao Lei: In the digital currency trading and payment market, competition at the national level will inevitably

Yesterday, financial writer Xiao Lei issued a text saying: Why should the central government support Shenzhen to carry out innovative applications such as digital currency research and mobile payment? The answer is obvious. As the third pole of China's financial market, Shenzhen should bear the rights and responsibilities of the first test. He analyzed that the future opportunities for digital currency and mobile payment exist in three aspects: the first is China's digital currency, which is divided into specific links, and the specific service companies at each link should have what conditions; The second is the integration of digital money into mobile payment. How do existing mobile phone manufacturers, Internet giants, blockchain companies, and financial companies cut into the service system? The third is China’s digital currency, which is global. Whether various types of virtual currency, such as bitcoin, will generate pricing and trading influences, and how to integrate existing types of market-oriented enterprises that are continuously operating, and leverage their efforts to enhance the globalization of China’s official digital currency. Influence. Xiao Lei also said that there are indications that in the future financial market, in the digital currency field, especially in the digital currency trading and payment market, national-level competition will be inevitable.