BTC's trend has been decoupled from gold, will go independent or linked to other

At present, the development of the entire digital asset is not yet mature. The launch, commissioning and improvement of digital currency will take time. The design of China's digital currency adopts a two-tier operating system, and the cooperation between commercial banks and central banks is particularly important. These need to be piloted and run for a long time and trial run, in order to continue to improve. Although the dispute over the pricing power of digital assets has not yet arrived, it should be prepared to launch the pilot of the RMB digital currency as soon as possible. Compared with other key cities, Shenzhen has the highest degree of marketization, the strongest concentration of innovative resources, a large number of leading technology-based enterprises, and the same ability to transform and innovate scientific and technological achievements, and the age structure of urban population is relatively young, which determines The testing and promotion of innovative applications such as digital currency has a unique and high-quality soil. In addition, Shenzhen has a clear location advantage. In Shenzhen, the trial and promotion of innovative applications such as digital currency is conducive to penetration and expansion into Hong Kong, Macao and overseas, and the market space is broader.

The recent emergence of Nakamoto has once again been questioned, and it seems to be another hype. The rebound in the current round of the market is not due to the emergence of fakes, but because the US stocks have repeatedly rebounded many times, while gold has appeared. The magnitude of the diving, fell 1,500 US dollars, we have mentioned before, the current trend of cryptocurrency may be closer to the high-end capital market, the US stocks are at historical highs, this round is only a small-scale rebound, follow-up may Continue to fall back, so in the short term we are not optimistic about the cryptocurrency, with a cautious wait-and-see attitude.


Yesterday, BTC successfully pulled out the big Yangxian line and successfully recovered the big Yinxian line in front. The macd has a sign of turning the head and forming a golden cross near the zero axis. The 5 antennas have also turned heads up, but we see that the volume is a serious one. The shrinking state, the shrinking volume indicates that the buying is insufficient. The target did not break through the neckline pressure of 11,000 US dollars in one fell swoop. It was suffocating and then fading. The individual thinks that the rebound has come to an end, if it is hypothetical. The establishment of this round, the possibility of breaking this round to break the low point of August 15 will be very high. If the subsequent volume has a pressure of over 11,000 US dollars, it will further test the drop connection of the high point, the high point. The pressure on the connection is strong, and it is very likely that the fall will continue to maintain the triangle. I have not checked the bottom, but I still wait and see. I personally think that the probability of going down is high.


ETH has closed the Zhongyang line for two consecutive days, but is the target really strong? It is not necessarily the case that the continuous positive line does not have the volume of cooperation. It is only a technical anti-pumping action. In order to confirm whether the break is effective or not, the enthusiasm for participating in bargain-hunting is not high, then the pressure of 200 points is difficult to stand firm again. Unless there is a gradual increase in volume, the volume must be moderately enlarged, but the hope is not large, and suddenly there is a sudden amount of attention to leave.


BCH is still running in the channel, there is no directional choice, and it will not fall below the uptrend line in the next few days. If it does not fall below the uptrend line, it may challenge 120 antennas in the second direction, and Going up this time, I think the probability of standing up is relatively large. If you break through 120 antennas or can challenge the previous high position, if you fall below the uptrend line again, you should resolutely leave. At present, the probability of falling below the uptrend line Bigger.


BNB fell below the triangle and did not stand back again. It was doing a sideways volatility. The volume of the Yangxian line yesterday showed signs of significant enlargement. The macd indicator was again under the zero axis and the fork was again re-exposed. Above the zero axis, the 5 antenna heads up, observe the follow-up volume, if there is a possibility of breaking the pressure of 30 dollars, but now it has not stood back, it should be treated according to the effective fall, cautious participation, prevention Control risk is the main factor.

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