Twitter account with nearly a million fans "Bitcoin" deleted the relevant tweets for BCH or anti-lightning network

Related tweets show that since 2017, individuals, groups or companies behind the account "Bitcoin" with nearly 1 million fans on Twitter (no one knows who has the real control over the account) have been slamming bitcoin Cost and release some other critical remarks. But this phenomenon has changed in the near future. Cryptney currency analyst Rhythm tweeted that the "Bitcoin" account removed all tweets that mentioned "BCH is the market's most eagerly surrendered." This may be a bullish signal. As countless Bitcoin supporters have discovered, the maintainers of the account have begun to change their attitudes. The specified URL for this account is now, the domain name registered by Nakamoto, not the domain name of by Roger Ver.
In addition, the account has been taken care of by a large number of BCH supporters. At the same time, Crypto Deleted found out from a large number of tweets deleted from the account, many of which mentioned BCH, or mentioned the flaws of the lightning network. Lightning Networks is currently the second-tier expansion solution for Bitcoin, and authorities such as Samson Mow said it will allow Bitcoin to become a "digital cash." While this seems to have nothing to do with any event in the Bitcoin or Bitcoin cash community, many claim that the account's recent series of sudden changes are related to changes in the executive team.