People's Post and Telecommunication: The industry's blind enthusiasm for the blockchain has faded and adopted a more pragmatic attitude

Today, the People’s Post and Telecommunications published the title “How does the government tap the potential of the blockchain? Analysis article. The article said that various industries are now very concerned about and are experimenting with blockchain technology, especially government agencies. The industry’s blind enthusiasm for the blockchain has faded and replaced with a more pragmatic attitude. According to Gartner, a consultancy, two-thirds of the world's governments in 2018 have a strong interest in blockchain, and one in ten governments have tried blockchain technology. But by 2019, this situation has changed. The article concludes by mentioning that instead of focusing on hype, it should take time to conduct rigorous and objective research on the blockchain and find the most relevant uses for itself. Although many uses may be in their infancy, they can It is really a matter of letting the government departments start small-scale and then gradually expand the scope of application.