Blockchain financial media "Blog Finance" won DFG strategic investment

Recently, the blockchain financial media “Blog Chain Finance” has obtained strategic investment from Digital Finance Group (DFG). This round of investment will be used for content team expansion, product end upgrades and offline campaign branding.
It is understood that DFG was established in 2015, focusing on investment in cryptocurrency, digital assets and blockchain technology. The assets are more than 550 million US dollars, of which the primary market assets exceed 250 million US dollars. The portfolio investment includes Brave and Ledger X. Global well-known blockchain projects such as Circle. The DFG team is committed to developing the underlying technologies of public networks such as ETH and ETC, and has made significant contributions to the technical development and community building of mainstream public networks such as ETH and ETC through investment, donation and technical support.
"Blog Chain Finance" began its corporatization operation in July 2018. At present, it has a high-end video interview column "Face to Face", a deep investment interview section "The Bull and Apocalypse", a star project interview column "Tomorrow Star Power" and popular The event interpretation column "front line live room", and recently launched the offline brand "chain" to the future power.